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The Interview

The Dos and Don't of Interviewing

Danielle Lewis

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Interview

The Interview Don't forget for Wednesday to finish writing down everything that you learned from Wasteland, and then writing the questions necessary to be able to learn that information. Remember to try to maintain good eye contact, take simple notes (do this even though you may be using a tape recorder), and use appropriate body language to show the person you are interested in the subject about which s/he is speaking. NOTE: If you'd like to do an audio or video recording of the interview, ask for permission at this time. NOTE: When preparing questions, be aware of two things:
do not ask biased questions.
arrange your questions in an effective order. Ease your interviewee into conversation; leave controversial questions for the end. Preparation Wasteland During
the Interview Pick a person that you'd like to interview.
Do the necessary background research on the topic you feel the most likely to focus on.
Contact the person and
state your purpose for the
Prepare a list of questions
that will give good
information and not be
simply yes/no answers. NOTE: Be observant! Sometimes you will get ideas for good follow-up questions during the interview. Sometimes you will observe things about them or the way they talk, etc. that provide inside clues to good stories. Don't be so rigid on your "set" questions that you miss out on the important things. How to do it Wrong: In what ways did this reporter mess up?
What can you learn from her bad example? Make sure you dress appropriately and be polite, and breathe in and out--it's okay to be a little nervous. What not to do
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