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Henry Hudson

No description

Cierra Terry-Solomon

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson's Life! Third voyage Henry Hudson - Henry Hudson was born in 1565 Henry Hudson's first voyage was not successful because
of wind and ice witch forced him to turn around and head back to England. First Voyage This voyage was also to find a Northwest route to the Orient. Second Voyage The Beginning! -Henry Hudson went on four voyages -He died in 1611 -Henry Hudson had three sons -Henry Hudson had a wife named Kathrine -Henry Hudson lived in England -Henry Hudson had three ships he took on voyages The purpose of all of his voyages was to find a Northwest route to the Orient. On this voyage he was also forced to turn around and head back to England due to wind and ice. Fourth Voyage - On Henry Hudson's Fourth voyage he sent a letter to Holland about his third voyage asking for funding for another voyage. - after he sailed north he entered New York Harbor on September 11th 1609 - Henry became the first person reach the New York Harbor since Verrazano - On Henry Hudson's third voyage he was met by ice and wind
- this time he didn't want to go back. - He sailed west along the Atlantic ocean, He sailed the ship into what is now known as Chesapeake Bay. - they ordered him to return back, but the English wouldn't let him go back to Holland. They didn't want anymore voyages to benefit them. - His fourth voyage was funded by an English merchant Thomas Smith - He sailed across the North Atlantic into the hudson strait and then into what is now Hudson bay. - He was convinced that the large sea was the was to the orient Aftermath -Henry explored the area and found nothing -His crew ordered to head home, but Henry wanted to keep going -winter came and the ship was trapped in
ice -When Spring came around Henry wanted
to keep going, but his crew had enough -His group left him , his son John ,
6 others to die at sea in a small boat -the crew went back to
England but some of the
crew members died because
of starvation -when they got back to England they were
not hung because they were to precious , because they were the only ones who saw the northwest route thought to lead to the orient. - Henry made his way up the river that is now named after him. - Hudson met the native americans he found them very friendly, he traded with them for beaver and green tobacco - Henry's crew was very nice but they were not trustworthy - they once drove a group of native americans out of their village - to get them back the native americans attacked some sailors in a small boat - further on north Henry noticed that it wasn't the way to the pacific so he turned around back to England Henry meeting with native americans Presentation By: Lauren, Kelly, Madison, and Cierra!
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