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C H E S K A ! ! ! v(^.~)v

No description

Cheska Montaño

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of C H E S K A ! ! ! v(^.~)v

MY RESUME: Francheska Maria S. Montaño
Character References
Techspecs Digital Repair Services:
Rachelle Joy S. Sacopla - 09463478637
Future Plans
to work full time at CRCC in Lagro, Q.C.
as a multimedia personnel and to have
my own computer related business.
Surfing on internet
Watching movies
Reviewing my lessons in school
Advance studying
Reading good books
Name: Francheska Maria Sanchez Montaño
Nick name: Cheska
Birthdate: July 9, 1996
Birthplace: Chinese General Hospital, MNL.
E-mail: fmcheska@facebook.com
Address: Ciudad Real Subd. SJDM Bul. PHL.
Hope Christian Academy - Grade 1
St. Anthony Nova School - Grade 2
Living Heritage Christian Academy - Grade 3
Siloam Christian Academy - Grade 4
Philippines Christian School of Tomorrow - Grade 5&6
Mother of Divine Grace Academy - 1st year & 2nd year
Alternative Learning System (ALS) - Graduated
Access Computer College - Computer Science
Little Baguio Pharmacy:
Rosa S. Sanchez -09391658554
What can you say
about yourself?
I'm a completely random person.
I eat when I'm bored, and I'm always bored.
Sometimes I'm totally girly, and sometimes,
I'm one of the boys. like I said I'm random.

I'm not an outdoor person.
Well, depends on what I'm going to do,
and who I'm with, but most of the time
I just want to stay inside.
I’m a perfectionist; I repeat and repeat and repeat all over
till not a bit of it is wrong, it consumes so much of my time
that I don’t get enough sleep. I have been telling myself that
I CAN DO THIS. I am so pessimistic about myself.But all because
of this negativity, I found myself thinking that I should use
this pessimistic view to turn out to be my strength.
I don’t want to be weak, I want to be strong.

And so I have learned: All of our dreams are difficult to catch;
we have to work hard for it. Nothing in life is easy; there is
no shortcut to success. We fall but we have to carry or lift ourselves. Every hardship that has been happening will all be worth it in the end as long as you work hard and reach for
your goal. Don’t easily give up, nothing comes easy.

What can you say
about yourself?
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