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on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of GOALS

Structuration Theory:

People use rules and resources to structure social interactions

ex. Used experiences from high school class to know how to act in college class
Deciding to have an event that both promotes healthy living and brings awareness to Big Brother Big Sister
Securing a location
Contacting potential presenters
Choosing what activities to hold at the event
Carried out the event
Our Project Summary
Eat Right Live Right
We could have secured the location much earlier than we did
We could have chosen a different date to hold the event which could have led to a greater turnout
We could have taken donations for food, drinks, and other needs instead of paying out of pocket
We could have gotten an exact number of kids attending our event at an earlier time for better planning
We could have managed our time more accurately during the event
Natasha Todd, Steve Jares, Mohamed Salah, Farah Alnaama
1. Partnering with an organization that revolved around children in need

2. Generating more local awareness for organizations within the Erie community

3. Providing information about healthy lifestyles that covers the physical, mental, and nutritional aspects of healthy living.
Lack of communication
-with the University
-with the organization

Finding local donors to make donations
Securing a location
Finding faculty members to present at our event
Receiving image consent from parents of the Little's
Last minute scheduling conflicts with faculty and presenters
Difficulties at the Event
Appropriate storage for food
Time management
Keeping the kid's attention
We chose to partner with Big Brother Big Sister because their program mission best matched our project idea. BBBS is focused around kids from single parent households that need role models to encourage them in their everyday lives.
During our event, we met our goal of providing the children with adequate information about healthy lifestyles and careers. We achieved this goal by having five presenters speak about their field and give demonstrations of the exercises and nutritional requirements they use.
We were not able to obtain all the presenters we initially wanted. We had intended to have nine presenters speak and give demonstrations, but due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to do so.
We originally planned for our event to be three hours long, but due to the lack of presenters, it was cut short by an hour.
During the beginning of our event, we wanted to make it a county-wide event. We had planned to have a news crew come and broadcast the event, an Erie Bayhawk speak to the kids, and bigger prizes. However, due to such time restraints we were unable to obtain everything we had planned.
We also dropped the ball in our advertising campaign. We had intended to fully promote our event on our social networks, have colorful flyers posted around campus, and have the Comm Club spread the word, but we were informed that there are policies against many of our advetising ideas.
Throughout our project, we used the Functional Approach
Focuses on the results of group behaviors
There must be several preexisting conditions
Systematic procedures
We planned a day for the kids of Big Brother Big Sister to promote health and wellness that could perhaps be valuable to them in their everyday lives. To help Big Brother Big Sister reach a career requirement for one of their grants, we obtained different presenters to teach the kids about different careers that revolved around physical activity. Our event gave the children a short background of careers in aerobic fitness, basketball, and varsity sports. Along with background information, they also took part in an exercise demonstration to learn about the physical requirements of such fields.
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