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Words Their Way Chapter 3

No description

Julia Hagge

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of Words Their Way Chapter 3

Principles and Practices of Word Study
Grade Level Activity
Principles of Word Study Instruction
Word Study
Lesson Plan Format

Introduce sort, use key words or pictures
Sort and check:
Individually or with a partner
Compare and declare
Introduce and assign activities to complete at seats, in centers, or at home
Word Sorting
Word Their Way
Chapter 3

1) Based upon your Level I field placements, form into grade level teams.
2) Using the information from pages 74 - 82 create a weekly schedule for one group at your grade level. (You need to determine if your group is the low, middle, or high group.)
3) We will discuss the schedules as a class and compare/contrast the grade levels.
1) Look for what students use but confuse
2) A step forward is a step backward
(Build a firm foundation.)
3) Use words students can read
4) Compare words "that do" with words "that
5) Sort by sound and sight
6) Begin with obvious contrast
7) Don't hide exceptions (oddball words)
8) Avoid rules
9) Work for automaticity
10) Return to meaningful texts
Approaches to Sorting
Teacher-directed closed sorts:
Teachers define the categories and model the sorting procedure

Student-centered open sorts:

Students create their own categories with the set of words
Types of Sorts
* the simple process of sorting words is the heart of word study
* three types of sorts: sound, pattern, and meaning
* use the same categorization routine for students in all stages who are studying a variety of word features
* children must know and be able to pronounce the words to be sorted
* avoid telling students any rules or generalizations, rather lead them to tentative conclusions through careful questioning
Sound Sorts
- pictures are used to represent words as students sort by sounds

Pattern Sorts
- the printed form of words are used while students sort by visual patterns formed by groups of letters or letter sequences

Meaning Sorts
- pictures or words are used as students categorize by meaning rather than sounds or spelling patterns
* Develop a familiar weekly routine with daily activities
* Schedule time for group work with the teacher
* Keep it short
* Plan time for students to sort independently and with partners
What type of word sort would this be?
ELL Benefits of Words Their Way
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