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Fahrenheit 451 WebQuest

No description

Autumn Stewart

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 WebQuest

2) Why was Latimer confident that they were doing the right thing?
Because Latimer and Ridley felt that preaching and putting out the English Book of Common Prayer they were being loyal to their faith of the Protestant religion.
3) Why would it be important to remind people of this history?
Because these were men who believed in a certain and did everything in their power to represent it. However, Queen Mary shut down their preaching and teachings of the faith because she was a strong believer in being a Roman Catholic. With these men being burned at the stake the would leave behind powerful lives to the Protestant religion.
5) Why did it happen?
Because Joseph McCarthy had the Communist party believing that films from Hollywood were showing films that supported the communist lifestyle. Also, it was told that certain books showed the way of the communist lifestyle.
Nazi Book Burning
Because instead of choosing a side in the matter is shows one dictatorship and provides the dictator using skillful ways to take over human beings.
Thank you!
Why was Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley burned at stake?

Because the supported the Protestant Religion while being ruled by Queen Mary. She was a strong believer in being a Roman Catholic and did not believe in representing any other forms of religion.
7) How might have this inspired Bradbury to write Fahrenheit 451?
Because the censorship throughout the book, and his relation of the business/ book/ entertainment world, began to show films and artworks of their own that they had been scared or frightened to share in the past.
Fahrenheit 451 WebQuest
Autumn Stewart
6) Could it happen again?
Very well could happen again. But, it would more than likely be considered terroristic threats and be shut down almost immediately.
1) Why were they burned at stake?
4) In what way might book burning images have inspired Bradbury to write Fahrenheit 451?
McCarthyism and Black Listing in Hollywood
8) Why did this happen?
Because McCarthy told through a telegraph that a large amount of people working for the U.S. Department of State were following him to be a Communist.

February 1950
9) When did this happen?
10) Could it happen again?
As of right now more than likely not with the way our government is set up laws would have to been changed before anyone ever thought about starting this and having a multiple party government it would more than likely not happen.
11) How might it have inspired Bradbury to write Fahrenheit 451?
Because it show how the hands can turn to a “perfect” government and how quickly one person can take the dominant hand and dictate the people underneath.
Censorship? Limitations of Freedom of Speech? ... or not?

It automatically informs the viewers of what they are watching and the have been warned.
With people being warned they cannot use this against the company.
Parents and Adults were in favor of this.
Many kids and teenagers are against it.
The warning labels are not always detailed correctly however, I feel the are useful to protect the company.

Warning Labels on CDs.

It blocks the of seeing the full content of the media or the full story of actually what happens when it reaches the media. Parents, teachers tend to be for it.
Kids, teens, some parents tend to be against it.
I think it should be left up to adults and care takers because the will be able to notice if the Media is harmful.

The V-chip & Movie ratings: Controlling Access to violence and objectionable content in the Media.

It has political, religious and moral background not permitting free access.
Religious members
background and some parents may be for it.
Community members, students, different religious believers sometimes are against it.
It should be left up to your moral backgrounds.

Book Banning
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