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Standard C1: Collaborative planning

No description

Alejandra Cifuentes

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Standard C1: Collaborative planning

Collaborative planning and reflection addresses the requirements of the programme(s). Collaborative planning and reflection recognizes that all teachers are responsible for language development of students. Standard C1: Collaborative planning Diploma Programme Collaborative planning and reflection takes place regularly and systematically. Collaborative planning and reflection is based on agreed expectations for student learning. Collaborative planning and reflection includes the integration of theory of knowledge in each subject. Collaborative planning and reflection explores connections and relations between subjects and reinforces knowledge, understanding and skills shared by the different disciplines. Collaborative planning and reflection addresses vertical and horizontal articulation. Collaborative planning and reflection ensures that all teachers have an overview of students’ learning experiences. Collaborative planning and reflection incorporates differentiation for students’ learning needs and styles. Collaborative planning and reflection is informed by assessment of student work and learning. Collaborative planning and reflection addresses the IB learner profile attributes. In Hamelin- Laie School we have periodic meetings between all people are working in IB program. The librarian participates in these meetings too. Besides, teachers have been working with the librarian (me) about catalog and IB bibliography. Having these periodic meetings, give the opportunity to us to know about the different subjects and how we can work as a team helping each others. The team has done a calendar where we have fixed all the meetings we will have during of the year. Every Friday afternoon we work for one hour all together. To participate in these meetings has been fantastic for me, because I can understand the necessities that they have it. Working collaboratively has been really important for me. To understand how works the IB program and knowing the necessities that students and teachers have in this learning process. Besides, I’ve understood that the role of the library is really important. Have to be an active role and the librarian has to be as teacher too, in all this process. The language development is important in our School. We can communicate in three languages and the library participates in this process, having materials, books, items, etc in these languages and speaking Catalan, English and Spanish inside of the library.

It is important to understand that if all people of the school (and specially the people are working directly in the IB program) participate demonstrating IB profile attributes, being as a IB teacher and working as team, we can get a successful result in this learning process. Students have to see that teachers, librarians and manager team are involved in this process and will be when they understand what mean to be an IB student.
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