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How Prezi Works

The steps to create you own Prezi

Jason Langland

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of How Prezi Works

The steps to create your very own Prezi How Prezi Works Add Text And now you have your finished Prezi! The first step in creating your Prezi is to choose the theme. The theme lets you choose the perfect subject background for your Prezi. You can add text to your Prezi by inserting a text box or by clicking on one. Delete! There are also lots of possibilities to edit and fix. One way to edit text is by clicking on the text box and fixing what you need to. Another way is to just delete it all by clicking on it, and when it gets a blue border, hit the delete key. One way to fix pictures is by clicking on it and either adjusting it using the corner blocks or by clicking 'crop'. Editing and fixing It is simple to add a video or images. At the top of the screen is an insert button which you can click on to insert whatever you want- images, symbols, shapes, diagrams, videos, music, and other documents. Adding a video or image Zoom! Zooming in and out can be done in many ways. One way is the scroll wheel on the mouse. Scroll to the desired space. Another way is to hover your mouse near the middle on the complete left side. The last way, if zooming in only, is to right click the object you want to zoom in to, and click 'zoom to frame.' To delete things, you can press the delete button on the keyboard, highlight and then delete, or try right clicking and deleting, which you only have the option of sometimes. Moving around the canvas A few ways to move around the canvas are clicking, holding, and dragging; and zooming out to the first frame and clicking where you want to go. Links Adding a link can be done by a couple ways. The easiest way is to copy and paste the desired URL into a text box. Then click away from the text box and the link will become active (it automatically underline). Adding Paths A path is how you get from frame to frame and so on. You can add a path by right clicking an object and selecting 'add to path'. Another way is to click 'edit path' on the left side of the screen above the frame selection. Here is an example of an video! Remove frame, but keep content To remove a frame but keep the content, you must first click on the outside of the frame. Right there. Or right there.After that, right click and choose remove frame, but keep content. It's that easy! Adding Frames Adding a frame is simple. To add a frame all you have to do is go up to frames and arrows, and click the first drop down that says 'add frame'. Another way to do it is click frames and arrows again, and then choose either draw bracket frame, draw circle frame, draw rectangle frame, or draw invisible frame. How do you change the font color and style? Changing the font color and style is simple, once you know how to do it. You can do it by clicking on the text or highlighting the text and then when you see the cursor or highlighted area, go to the top of the text box and click a)title, subtitle, or body for style; and b) color palette for font color. It's like glasses without frames! Here is an example of a link! http://www.usgs.gov/
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