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No description

Julia Reinke

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Russia

Russia population;140,041,247 Median age;38.4 years Literacy:99.4 foods borshch(beet soup) pirozhki(pastery stuffed
with poatoes meat and cheese) ice cream geogaphy speaks russian wars cold war(1941-1991) by julia reinke russian civil war(1917-1921) world war 1 World war 11 culture GODS Upyr, Chur and Vila Founded by
slaves imports and exports exports: Imports: used to be communist Religon:Orthodox Christain has poor soil and is cold 1 Russain rube= .034 dollars Capital: Mossco Hobbies:Fishing, gardening, and sports. Important people Anna Pavlova(ballet) Leo Tolstoy(novels) Anna Akhmatova(poetry Faberge Eggs were very
popular in the 1800's. One of the most famous tourist sites is the S.T. Basil's cthedral.
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