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LC Bern Newsletter December 2012

AIESEC LC Bern Newsletter December 2012

Kathrin Ottiger

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of LC Bern Newsletter December 2012

Experienced Track DO IT 2012
1st to 4th of November in Fiesch LC Bern
Newsletter December 2012 Time flies and the year 2012 is almost over...
The imminent end of the world didn't keep the LC Bern from work and everyone put a lot of effort to work toward the goals. Reason enough to look back and tell you about what was happening in our LC during the last weeks!

So enjoy reading about..
... the National Conference DO IT 2012
... some recruitment news from the TM team
... our new intern Josh from New Zealand
... the special LC at the Zibelemärit
... and all about the Christmas Dinner! First of all the EB track is – like the name already says – for the EB. This means the Extremely Busy people within AIESEC.
EB members are supposed to jump over their own shadow from time to time. They might sometimes think that they pulled the ass card. But in the end everybody will agree that pushing a silent bowl can be postponed until the retirement age.
It has to be mentioned that EB members really know how the bunny is running at conferences whereas newies have pig if they once don’t get lost when they have to change the room for the next session.
All together some parts of the EB track were maybe not the yellow of the egg. There were people who always had to add their mustard to everything even though I’d have preferred everything to be short and pregnant.
If you only understood train station I want to apologize for my English which is under all pig.

Benedikt, VP F EB Track Newies Track As a new member, I couldn't think of a better entrance into AIESEC than through DO IT 2012. Not only did I get many interesting professional inputs which may help me fullfilling specific tasks within the organisation, but also did I enjoy hearing from experienced AIESECers what possibilities I have as an AIESECer (and there seem to be many!). But after all, the most important aspect of the conference for me was the (inter)personal sharing. My impressions are totally in line with our LCP's slogan: It's all about people!
Giulia The experienced track at DO IT 2012 challenged its participants with work on projects, which had to be presented in front of the EBs. What would be needed for the realization of the International Conference in Switzerland? What is necessary to establish AIESEC Israel? How can it be guaranteed that the trainees do have a acceptable conditions during their internship in India?

The topics were interesting and demanding and they led to a fruitful teamwork between the different LCs. We got to know what AIESEC Switzerland looks like in comparison with other countries and tried to work out ideas for improvement where needed. I really liked to see that although there are differences among the LCs, AIESEC Switzerland is one organization with the same interests and collaboration is working very well!

For me personally DO IT was a huge opportunity to learn interesting things during the very good organized and implemented experienced track sessions but also during the different workshops. An impressive awareness I got was, what impact AIESEC can have for its members: People who would not have any chance to go abroad otherwise get the chance to make an internship and experience things which they did not even dream of!
I enjoyed meeting new people but I also liked to get to know the members of our LC much better!

I think, we DID IT great!
Fabienne LCP Track The first big national conference as an LCP was DO IT 2012 from the 1st to the 4th of November 2012.

LCP’s don’t have much to do in general and national conferences are somehow 4 days holiday in the semester. On Thursday morning we take one of our VP’s and go to the conference venue earlier than all the other members because we feel like socializing with the MC and all the other P’s and VP’s. We don’t see each other that often and it’s good to sit in one room and just talk about different budget proposals for conferences, some LC’s that are supposed to be closed, some mandates that have to be distributed and so on. That’s how we spend our free time because we do care about AIESEC in Switzerland. We really do.

4 hours later it’s time for the members to arrive. Everything is very relaxed and the P has time to chat with all the members individually, of course! Since the roll calls are well prepared and every member knows the choreography by heart it’s a pure joy to get on stage during the opening plenary when you hear “do we have LC Bern in the house” and you perform the dance of the year, expecting that up to 800 million people will watch it on YouTube later on (Gangnam Style- Style).

As P I always was the first one at dinner and the last one getting up, because nobody was disturbing me and I had nothing else to do than enjoying the food. After some sessions after dinner I had the pleasure to talk to my LC, believe it or not, this time exists as well. And this is the time you really feel comfortable as LCP. The room full of LC Bern members, fired up and ready to go. Touching comments, feedback, inputs that are really valuable and every member contributes to a round of sharing and caring. NICE!!

And because it’s so nice and you don’t want to interrupt this circle of sharing, the LCP has a meeting at around midnight to give feedback to the conference responsible (OC, Faci, MC, Chair). And of course the LCP is also present at all the parties from the beginning until the end following the motto last man standing, indeed!

In the morning the LCP is of course able to sleep in, what else did you expect? I just pretended to eat breakfast as all the other members and after we split up into our LCP funkies I went back to bed and met with the P’s later to have brunch, pancakes, bacon and eggs, coffee, fresh orange juice and “Clooney’s Nespresso- What else?” From the perspective of the responsible for your LC you don’t have anything to worry about. The members know where to go, they are present in every session and the LCP can enjoy, relax and watch…

Relaxed and full of energy the LCP is the first one leaving on Sunday, saying good-bye to all the members individually again. And as it is a very neat habit at our conferences the P takes his precious time (since he has a lot of it) and writes Sugar Cubes to all the members of LC Bern. That’s really a nice way to appreciate all the delightful individuals you meet at such a conference. Any questions concerning the LCP experience during a national conference in Switzerland?? Feel free to ask :-)

Elias, LCP Hello, I'm the new intern. I've been asked to provide an introduction to myself, and here it is. Apologies it's a bit long, but I thought I'd tell my whole AIESEC story (all 7 years of it). Feel free to skim read or just skip it entirely =P

My name is Josh and I'm an AIESECer from New Zealand. Actually, you could even call me an AIESEC-holic, because I got addicted to AIESEC and it's become hard for me to leave. I joined AIESEC in 2006 in my first year at University, in Auckland, New Zealand. I ran for EB that year, but I wasn't selected. My LCP encouraged me to take up other leadership roles and I did. I really impressed him with this levitation (click to see picture):

Over the summer I wanted to go on an AIESEC exchange to South America, but my parents convinced me to go to Spain to study spanish instead. That was great, but after 3 months without AIESEC over the summer I was more motivated than ever for AIESEC, and I performed well in my ICX team, and then when I ran for EB again I was selected as VP TM. That was an amazing experience, I became best friends with my EB colleagues even though we were so different and for the first time I experienced the power of a diverse group of people working towards the same thing. So in 2008, I decided to run for LCP. While I had a lot of experience, I didn't understand what the LC members wanted and so my colleague won the election and I decided to join his team for a second term as VP TM. That summer I went on an AIESEC exchange to China where I worked on an HIV/AIDS awareness project. I got to experience first-hand the difference we make in society through our programmes (click again! :D).

When I came back I was ready to lead the LC and I was elected LCP. I was lucky to be able to select an awesome team which was 8 people of 6 different nationalities (New Zealand, German, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Tunisian). Together with our great members we were able to bring the LC to its biggest size, with a focus on OGX we sent 73 students on exchange. At the beginning of the term we had a Swine Flu scare at our national conference - everyone survived. I love conferences so I was excited to be able to represent my LC at International Congress which was held in Malaysia that year - we had a swine flu scare there as well (I'm not sure if I should be telling you all this).

That year I was encouraged to run for MCP, but I decided to wait a year to finish my studies and I took a role on a global support team doing research on X+L (the combination of Exchange and Leadership in AIESEC). When my LCP term ended I had a lot of free time and I focused on my studies again, but I found my heart wasn't in it and actually dropped out (scary!). When the MCP elections approached I put forward my plans for the country and the LCPs elected me to take the leadership role. I had the amazing pleasure of attending IPM in Mexico (the international conference just for MCPs). Since I had dropped out of University I had a lot of time to prepare for the role and travelled to all 7 LCs in New Zealand (especially the ones I had never visited before), to help them out and learn about their challenges.

Selecting my team was difficult, and working with the team was even harder. We lived and worked together so we saw each other pretty much 24/7. But the difficulties there were nothing compared to what I experienced next. While in Kenya for International Congress, I was in a bus crash which killed a friend. Words can't describe that experience. Needless to say it changed me. In November that year I swapped roles with one of my MCVPs, who was a great manager and I took on the role of MCVP External Relations and Incoming Exchange. Together with my GIP team we managed to raise and match 3 internships in Wellington in IT companies. At the same time I also co-founded a company (named Copono) developing a mobile application that helps users make better purchasing decisions. Before I knew it the term was over and I was saying goodbye to best friends (click for the photo: Nix, MCVPTM, went to Baku, Azerbaijan on a GIP internship).

I decided that I wanted to go to Europe after my MC term (preferably a german speaking country), and so I tried to see if I could study somewhere to complete my degree. This was not possible so instead I went back to Auckland to complete my degree (along a slightly shorter and easier route - originally I was working towards three majors in psychology, management and international business, now I have finished a Bachelor in Management and International Business). I only had to study part-time to complete this course so at the same time I decided to freelance as a facilitator and life-coach. I facilitated at a national conference for AIESEC, and some leadership development sessions for my former LC, and also at 3 events unrelated to AIESEC, and I also began working with a client in a life-coaching role. At the same time I continued working on my business (Copono), joined another global team in AIESEC (the Internal Control Board - which resolves complaints, provides consultancy, and audits countries on compliance with AIESEC's rules on exchange and ethics.), started working on founding another business, and clarified my life goals.

Now that I am here, I am working for Cassarius, an IT company, in a marketing role for 6 months. While I do this I continue to work on setting up a business selling natural health products in New Zealand, as well as slowly building my facilitation and coaching practice. And of course I am still part of AIESEC through the ICB - I'm going to meet the rest of the team physically for the first time in Rotterdam next weekend :)

If you found my story interesting feel free to come and talk to me (and tell me your story). If you want to show me some places you love in Bern or elsewhere in Switzerland please invite me, I want to travel most weekends. I love talking about the world, life, the universe, leadership, technology and many other things, and I like to listen to people's stories.
Find me on Facebook: facebook.com/joshlevent EB Track That's our new intern! Zibelemärit It's early morning, around 6 am. The weather is freezing. Yet, there are tons of people in the old town in Bern. Amongst them some fearless AIESECers. That can only mean that it's time for the Zibelemärit! Besides the traditional Onion braids and Onion quiches, there are a reasonable amount of stands selling hot wine. As a consequence, the fearless AIESECers would just stroll along the old town, drinking hot wine and being attacked with confetti!

Christoph, VP OGX Alumni Updates
The official AIESEC Alumni Homepage: http://www.aiesecalumni.ch/aiesec-alumni-bern


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AIESEC.Alumni.Bern Please visit our Alumni's pages to get up-to-date information and to see what's going on! Christmas Dinner The recruitment Fall 2012 started already during the summer on the national conference Plan-It where the EB discussed some strategies and assessed the target students we would like to join AIESEC Bern.

It all looked so simple on the paper... But to be honest the closer the recruitment got the more I was in panic not to be able to recruit any cool members... Thanks to huge help from the EB and some of our members we made it to recruit absolutely awesome new members that we are proud of! Some of them came along at our AIESEC stand in UniS during the "Tag des Studienbeginns", others came because of the flyers or classroom shouts or they visited our info events. Many members were also involved in interviewing the applicants (LC Bern was this year the only LC that interviewed personally and individually every single applicant WOOHOO!). The Induction Day for the newies took place in Bern together with the LC Fribourg.

The most important part was the fun and the lessons I learned from the recruitment... Absolutely crucial time management, presentation skills and contents, being (almost always) on time ;-), interviewing skills ...and lots of funny stories in between! For example accompanying Elias (the lovely LCP) to a lecture shout in a classroom full of nerds studying Informatics (the professor teaching informatics wasn't able to put the sound on by the way...), teaching Christoph some most crucial Czech sentences and phrases, listening to interesting GCDP and MC stories, meeting really interesting people from the university and knowing each other within the LC better. All in all it was stressful but absolutely worth it! I am already looking forward to the next recruitment that will be even better and I hope even more members will be able to participate in it ;-)

Barbara, VP TM 2013 The Comm Team wishes you
MERRY CHRISTMAS... Josh, thank you very much for sharing your AIESEC experience!
Have an amazing time in Bern! ...and a great start in the new year! Member Database In case you haven't yet filled in your information in the new member database, please do so - the TM team would be deeply grateful... http://goo.gl/Pt4qB DO IT 2012 A big delegation from LC Bern took part in the National Conference DO IT 2012 from the 1st to the 4th of November in Fiesch in the beautiful canton of Valais.

Four days full of workshops, plenaries, interesting people, home group activities, parties, well prepared roll calls, a fantastic global view and of course a fancy gala dinner!

Four of our members will present the different tracks from the conference. Enjoy reading and reminiscing about DO IT 2012! DO IT 2012 Recruitment News 2012 click there! Thanks for reading our newsletter! pictures by Sabi (Copyright) check it out! On the 7th of December 2012, LC Bern celebrated its annual Christmas Dinner. It was attended by current members, alumni and we were especially happy to host the founder of LC Bern, Jürg Schwarz, for the apéro. This apéro took place in the Aki, which was soon filled with the sound of discussions and the delicious smell of hot spiced wine.

After the apéro we enjoyed a tasty meal at the restaurant Mappamondo in the Länggasse. Before the actual dinner started, our LCP Elias made a quick review over all LCMs this semester and the EB also awarded certain members for their contribution towards the LC.

Congratulations to the winners:

Extremely proactive volunteers: Jasmin and Lea
Special commitment to the LC: Daniel
AIESEC spirit and values: Marcel
Greatest personal development: Zsuzsa
Most outstanding contribution to cross-cultural understanding: Chetan
Most innovative and creative contribution: Babi
Career Days TV: Safak
Sexy Seller: Elisabeth

Courage Award: Anna (OCP Lead)
Wirepuller Award: Fabienne (OCP Global View)
Proactive Award: Daniel (OCP Career Days)

A special thanks goes to Lea and Despina who put a lot of energy into organising this event. The result of this hard work was a great conclusion of an amazing semester. I personally look forward to the next six months and also to our 50th Anniversary event next year!

Franziska, VP Comm Hi! LC Bern proudly presents...
...our new VP ICX
Andres Gomez...
...and OCP Career Days
Daniel Ritort! click here to advance the presentation by one slide! Best option to see the newsletter:
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