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The four phases of The French Revolution NHSN

The four phases of The French Revolution and how people reacted to it.

Joshua Thompson

on 18 October 2010

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Transcript of The four phases of The French Revolution NHSN

Liberal Revolution 1789-1792 Radicalization 1792- 1794 Ineffective Reaction 1795-1799 Napoleon age 1799-1815 Thinking of a new France
cahiers form
Estate General summoned. Hatred of the king Clergy have lots of power nobles rule goverment
most influence. Economic troubles
(Made by queen on luctury)
Seven year war and American Revolution make dept. Social class chain
1. Clergy (church)
2. Nobles
3. Middle class Storming of Bastille
July 14, 1789
today known as Bastille day.
The day of revolution. Revolts start in paris Reforms start Reorganizing the church Women march on Verailles Failed escape of the king
King fails to escape on June 1791 Reaction outside France War declared on Tyranny
War declared on Austria, Prussia, Brittain and other states. Paris goes into arms Woman raid Varsaille on
october 5 Church goes under state control. Clurgy didn't except the Civil constitution Queen actually got out of there by a secret door Woman rights are made and all citizens are equal It is to provide " liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression" King is being controled by the queen. Wide spread fear for nobles and loyal decendents Known as the " Fremch Plague" that fuels the hatred for nobility The king is killed King is kille on January 21, 1793 Outbreaks of violence Much slaughter is happening to loyalists Sptember massacre is the bloodiest month of violence Committee of public safety Invaded netherlands with ill-trained but patriotic soldiors. Women rights Women get divorce easier and women could enherit property People realize they need a leader Nationalism sweeps threw France. A empeor would soon come into power.... The four phases of the French Revolution Napoleon rise to power as a officer during the revolution After the revolution Napoleon has enough power to call himself empeor Napoleonic code It grants equality before the law, religiouse tolerance and envancement base on merit Napoleon goes to war with Britain. Britan alone was outside Frances control with it's navel fleet. France sets up blockades around Britans ports. Napoloen ends up concuring many lands and rewrites the map Reign of terror kills 40,00 people Robespierre is put into power and makes a Reign of Terror for a year but is thne executed on July28th 1794 Robespierre France goes to war with Russia In 1812 more then 400,000 troops went to Russia to go to war. Only 10,000 troops came back. Napoleon stepped down from power in 1814, one year after he lost to Russia. After Napoleom steped down from power Louis XVIII went to power. But not that smoothly. Nepoleon rises again Napoleon went into exile on a island Napoleon escaped from his exile and came back to France in march 1815 He ruled for 100 days before being exiled again to St. Helena. A lonely island
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