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yasmin nuri

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of POLITICS ISU

* British forces invade 1919 Soviet Intervention Rise of the Taliban Future ? 1953 1838-42 1926-29 History of the Politics WAR? SECURITY of Afghanistan * Install King Shah Shujah.
He is assassinated in 1842 1878-80 * Second Anglo- Afghan war * A treaty gives Britain control of Afghan foreign affairs. Shah Shujah Dost Muhammad Khan * Emir Amanullah Khan declares independence from British influence. * Amanullah tries to introduce social reforms, which however stir civil unrest. He flees. 1933 * Zahir Shah becomes king and Afghanistan remains a monarchy for next four decades. * General Mohammed Daud becomes prime minister. Turns to Soviet Union for economic and military assistance. Introduces social reforms, such as abolition of purdah (practice of secluding women from public view). 1963 * Mohammed Daud forced to resign as prime minister. 1964 * Constitutional monarchy introduced - but leads to political polarization and power struggles. 1973 * Mohammed Daud seizes power in a coup and declares a republic. Tries to play off USSR against Western powers. 1978 * General Daud is overthrown and killed in
a coup. Start of armed revolt. (1979) Afghan girl scouts, dressed up in Western clothing, managed by the local Russian authorities. Afghan women and a man are seen dressing in soviet- style western clothing. * The Soviet intervention in Afghanistan was a costly and, ultimately, pointless war * In Christmas 1979, Russian paratroopers landed in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The country was already in the grip of a civil war * Young conscript Russian soldiers were no match against men fulled by their religious belief. Though the Russian army had a reputation, the war in Afghanistan showed the world just how poor it was outside of military displays. * Brought social changes 1996 - Taliban seize control of Kabul and introduce hard-line version of Islam, banning women from work, and introducing Islamic punishments, which include stoning to death and amputations. * In 1996, the Taliban captured capital Kabul and took control of the national government. Ahmad Shah Massod
(hero) Economic Development Rule of law and good governance Regional threats and opportunities International aid + military strategies
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