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Rectangular Prisms

No description

Megan G

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Rectangular Prisms

The End The Quest For the
Golden Rectangular
Prism 1. V of a Rectangular Prism is the product
of the L, W and H. Or: V= l, w, and h.

2. Volume is measured in cubic units
ex. cubic feet (ft3) or (cm3). Key Concept Another Way Problem 2 By: By: Megan, Toto and Lily Rectangular Prisms You can also find the volume of a rectangular prism by multiplying the area of the base (B) by the height (H) of the prism.
Algebra: V= Bh An aquarium shaped like a rectangular prism has a length of 25 meters, a width of 10 meters and a height of 11 meters. How much water is needed to fill this entire aquarium? Problem One How to Find the Height of A Rectangular Prism 1. Write the formula for the volume of the rectangular prism (V=lwh)

2. Substitute the volume with V, the length with l and the width with w.

3. Multiply the length by the width.

4. Set both sides up as fractions and divide each side by the product of lw.

5. Simplify the fraction. A rectangular prism has a volume of 2,080 cubic mm, a length of 10mm and a width of 26mm. What is the height? How to Solve a Multi-Step Problem Problem 3 Video #1 1. Sand Castles: A truck is delivering sand for a sandcastle building competition. The length of the part of the truck that will be carrying the sand is 14ft the width is 7ft and the height is 5ft. How many trips will the truck have to make to deliver 17 cubic yards of sand? ANSWER: 1.14/2.0 trips. ANSWER: 8 cubic mm. ANSWER: 2750 m3 Crunchie Time! Spoons! QUIZ TIME! 1. Find the volume of the object.

2. Convert the units. Use unit analysis; that is, multiply by forms of one.

3. Divide the conversion by the volume of the object.

4. Make sure to always round the answer up!
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