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Agile Trends - Explore Invisible World - Long

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Shmuel Gershon

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Agile Trends - Explore Invisible World - Long

How to Explore an Invisible World?
Identify Probes
A better
Nurture Verbs
Stay in Control
Deliberate Judgment
Cut the Middleman
Traduttore, Tradittore
No Visual Elements
No Context Clues
API Input
Automated Suite
Unmanned Execution
Rovers on celestial bodies (such as the Mars Rovers) cannot be easily remote-controlled since the radio signal speed is slow (a signal from Mars to Earth takes between 3 and 21 mins). A rover is capable of operating autonomously with little assistance from ground control for data acquisition, but
requires human input for identifying promising targets, and determining how to position itself.
Your eyes in the software, in the form of sniffers, logs, status messages, LED colors, beeps
Your hands in the software in the form of commands, secret operations, environment settings...
To explore, you need the steering wheel.
Use Cruise Control for known areas, and Auto-Pilot to get started
Computers help get results, testers interpret results.
You can’t teach a computer how an unknown bug looks like
Operate the product in a short time and/or few steps.
Short action and reaction increase engagement and cognition
Abstractions are leaky.
“All models are wrong, but some are useful.”
(George Box)

It’s all about creating an
system for
manual tests

Six Secrets for Exploring Non-Graphical Systems
AgileTrends 2015 Sao Paulo
, Brazil
Shmuel Gershon testing . gershon.info twitter.com/sgershon

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