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Federal Reserve System . .

The Federal Reserve System is America's Financial System.

Michael Cortez

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Federal Reserve System . .

The FederaL Reserve System . . .

What is the Federal Reserve System ?

" The Federal Reserve System Is an independent government organization that controls America's Money . . "

Intro : The History of the FederaL Reserve . .

The Fed was established in 1913 by the United States Congress as a Centralization Banking System.

To control the amount of money in circulation and to influence America's economy by

Adjusting base interest rates . .
When to print and release new money, and to Remove and dispose of old money.

* They Run the Federal Reserve Banks that all over the country. *
The Twelve Regional District Banks . .

* Federal Reserve Districts . .

* Disrtict 1 [ Boston. M.A. ] * District 7 [ Chicago, I.L. ]

* Disrtict 2 [ New York. N.Y. ] * District 8 [ St. Louis, M.O. ]

* District 3 [ Philadelphia, P.A. ] * District 9 [ Minneapolis, M.N. ]

* District 4 [ Cleveland, O.H ] * District 10 [ Kansas City, M.O. ]

* District 5 [ Richmond, V.A. ] * District 11 [ Dallas, T.X. ]

* District 6 [ Atlanta, G.A. ] * District 12 [ San Fransico, C.A. ]

* Main Headquarters is in Washington, D.C. *

District Map . .

The Financial Structure of the Reserve
that impacts it's citizens . .

* Credit Cards . .

* Bank Loans

* House Loans

* Home Mortgages

The Purpose of the Twelve Banks . .

* Each Reserve Bank Is set up to process Physical Checks. Electronic Checks. Debit and Credit transactions in connection to the bank that you bank with and based where you Live In the Country.

FederaL Reserve And their FinanciaL
Agendas for America . .

* To hold and conduct hearings on new standards in lending and banking activities.

* Conduct financial reports in mortgage lending and interest earned.

* Find new ways to fight fraud and counterfeiting In America . .

How the Fed fight's
Fraud and Counterfeiting
In America . .

* They come up with new technology's
that provides hidden prints and colors
and designs. To detect real money from
counterfeit money.

* They have a fraud department that finds and tracks down people and organizations that try to cheat the Federal government out of the money and the organizations that they run. Such as . .

* Identity Theft . .

* Embezzlement . .

* Hot Checks . .

* Forgery . .

Citizens and Politicians want the Fed Audited for their practices . .

* Ron Paul wants to have the Federal Reserve audited.

BeLieves that the Fed's are nothing but Government Husslers
that are just cheating and stealing from it's own citizens.

* Henry B. Gonzalez believed that the Fed were nothing but a deception and abuse government agency. And wanted proof in how the fed was handling America's money. Also wanted them to be audited. He Fought for over 30yrs to get them audited. But unfortunatly he never got the fed audited.

His son Charlie Gonzalez is trying to get them audited as well . .

* American citizens want to know where is the Money. And show me the money . .

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