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McDonald's Corporate Strategic Directions

No description

Achini Wettamuni

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of McDonald's Corporate Strategic Directions

We strive continuesly to improve. We are a learning organization that aims to anticipate any respond to changing customers, employees and system needs through constant evolusion and innovation - McDonald's

Future of McDonald's
Placing customer experience at the core
Committed to our people
McDonald's system
Business ethics
Giving back to the community
Grow business profitability
New product development
BCG Matrix
The Ansoff Product/Market Growth Matrix
Market Penetration
Market Development
Product Development
Mc Donald's,
a cash cow?
Market Penetration
I'm Loving It......
The Exclusive Mc App.
Strategic Directions of McDonald's
Student ID - Auston: T21300923
LSBU: 3300346
Course - BSc. (HONS) Business Management
Subject - Strategic Management (BBM_6_STM)

Market Development
Introduction of new burgers to the existing mark
Golden Arch Hotel
Mc Cafe
Franchise opportunities for more and mroe outlets across the world
Intorduction of Chiken nuggets, wings and pieces.
Price policies

Providing value meals
Coupon system
Seasonal Promotions
Derent toys with the Happy meal
Intriduction of breakfast meal
Opening up outlets
Advertising Strategies
Mission of McDonald's
Ansoff Matrix
Strategic direction of McDonald's
Market Penetration
New Poduct development
Market development
The BCG Matrix
Future of McDonald's
END note

Table of Contents
Dick and Mac McDonald's ed the McDonald's Bar-B-Q restaurant in California in 1940. Current president and CEO of McDonald's is Don Thompson.
Today McDonald's,
More than34,000 restaurant
118 countries
Four Main Geographic Segments
Asia/Pacific,Middle east & Africa (APMEA)
Other Countries & Corporations
Restaurant ownership of McDonald's,
59% of Conventional franchisees
21% Licensed to foriegn affiliates
20% Company operated
Financial Highlights

To be our customers' favourite place and way to eat and drink. Our world wide operations are aligned around a global strategy callled the plan to win, which cater on an exceptional customer experience. People, Products, Price and promotion. We are commited to continuesly improve our operations and enhancing our customers' experience.
Ansoff matrix of McDonald's
Market Penetration
Attracting more customers who use competitiors products.
Convincing existing clients to use more of McDonald's products.
Product Development
New products
New services
Attract a different set of the market
Increase existing consumers from using more of the products/services under the brand
Market Development
Promotional activities
Opening up outlets in many countries
Investing in new businesses outside the scope of the existing business unit.
Chiken Maharaja Mac
Mc wraps
The new chiken box
Mc rice
Happy Meals
Any Questions?
Strategic Priorities of McDonald's
Upgrade the Customer and Employee Satisfaction
Enhance Local Relevance
Build Brand Transparency
Menu Featuring Locally relevant selections
Classic core and everyday affordable menu offerings
Reimaging restaurants
Installing new kitchen operating systems
Communicate quality and origin of McDonald's
McDonald's continues to elevate the customer experience by remaining focused on the company's key global succes factors of branded affordability, menu variety and beverage choice, convenience and ongoing restaurant investments which leads to a sustainable buiness practice.
McDonald's.com (2013)
Our history: McDonald's.com [Online] Available from: http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/our_story/our_history.html [Acessed 18 December 2013]

Porter M. E. (1947) The Corporate Advantage of Nations. New Edition.Basingtoke: Mcmillan Business.

TheTimes100. (2013) The Competitive Environment – Staying ahead in a competitive environment – McDonald’s Restaurant/ McDonald’s Restaurants case studies and information [Online]. Available from: http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/mcdonalds-restaurants/staying-ahead-in-a-competitive-environment/the-competitive-environment.html#axzz2o73CwXco. [Accessed 07 December 2013]
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