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We'll Never Conquer Space

Erika Watson

Erika Watson

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of We'll Never Conquer Space

Arthur C. Clarke We'll Never Conquer Space Background Information Time is a problem Space Provides Seclusion Space is Gigantic Conclusion Communication can't be instant

"It (time) will be a perpetual reminder of universal laws and limitations against which not all of our technology can ever prevail." "They (future colonies) must go their own way and achieve their own destiny, with no help or hindrance from Mother Earth." The human race will try to conquer space
It will never be done
Space is too large and vast
Communication is a problem due to the time barrier
Colonies will have to survive own their own People began to explore the world

Earth shrank as everything became discovered

The next place of interest was space

Space can never be conquered because of its vastness, time barrier, and quality of seclusion
"Because we have annihilated distance on this planet, we imagine that we can do it once again."

"From a world that has become too small, we are moving out into one that will be forever too large..."
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