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SIOP Component 5: Interaction

No description

srey meyer

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of SIOP Component 5: Interaction

SIOP Component 5: Interaction
Content Objectives:
Strategic selection of learning strategies appropriate to a lesson's objective
Identify grouping patterns that support lesson content and language objectives
Language Objectives
Discuss interaction strategies used in the classroom
Read a handout on the four elements of SIOP interaction
Write examples of interaction used in the classroom
Opportunities for Interaction
Learning is more effective when students have an opportunity to participate fully
Interaction accesses the thought processes of another and solidifies one's own thinking
Talking with others, either in pairs or small groups allows for oral fluency
The Four Components Interaction

Frequent opportunities for
Interaction and Disscussion
2. Grouping Configurations
support language and content objectives
Wait Time for
student responses consistently provided
Ample opportunity for students
to Clarify Key Concepts

Grouping Configurations
Whole class (develop classroom community)
Flexible small groups (encourage collaboration)
Partnering (scaffold instruction before independent practice)
Interaction and Discussion
Teacher/Student -Questioning should encourage elaborated responses
Student/Student-Should be intentional, structured and frequent (Kagan)
Grouping Configurations
Individual, Partner, Small, Whole, Heterogeneous, Random
Activities that promote Student Interaction ( 99 Ideas and Activities)
Go to your Corner
(pg. 32)
Inside-Outside Circle
(Conga Line, pg 110)
Jigsaw What You Know
(pg. 113)
Gallery Walk
(pg. 115)
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