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Feed Your Sweets

No description

Ashley Walker

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Feed Your Sweets

Advertisements Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c The atmosphere of the store is very home-y. You will be able to experience the small-town charm wen you step into the store. You can sit down on one of our comfy couches and study or do work or just hang out if you want. Other Products and Services Other products I will sell are things that will compliment my sweets. Things like Milk, and coffee. Catering is also an option for birthday parties and events of any kind. Red Velvet Cupcakes: $2.00 or 12 $20.75 Location
and Demographics I will open my shop in Birmingham, Alabama. My products will appeal to everyone, so my customers will be widely ranged. There's over 200 thousand people in the city, and wide range of races. Uniforms What I'm looking for. . . I want employees that love to bake and are sociable with others. They have to be people who are actually willing to make the sweets and sell them. Work atmosphere will be fun and laid back, but strict if there's no work being done. So why not head down to Feed Your Sweets today? Feed Your Sweets A little taste of Home Products Chocolate Chip Cookies: $1.00 or 12 $10.95
Chocolate covered pretzels: $.50 or 5 $1.75
Cake Pops: $1.00 or 12 $10.00
Brownies: $.75 or 12 $10.75
Cheesecake: $2.00 a slice or whole $12.00
Chocolate Ritz: $.75 or 3 $1.00
Oreo Balls: $.75 or 3 $1.00 My Competition There are several bakeries in Birmingham, but no worries. I will be better than them by creating new sweets every week, and printing new ads and coupons. CRAVING SOMETHING SWEET? Don't have the time to make things at home? Head on down to Feed Your Sweets, where you can get all your favorite homemade sweets at a price you'll love! FEED YOUR SWEETS A little taste of home Next exit, turn right Feed Your Sweets Ashley You might find something to satisfy your sweet tooth!
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