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Smart choice 1 UNIT 7 jun10 day 1

Which one is cheaper?

Silvana Prialé

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Smart choice 1 UNIT 7 jun10 day 1

Fashion is not important between teenagers and twins.
There are 7 fashion tips.
Leggins and uggs are in.
Skinny jeans and flat shoes are not popular.
Boys use pink trousers. WHAT AM I WEARING?
HE'S/SHE'S WEARING... Which one would you buy?
Which one do you think is older?
Which one do you think is more modern?
Which one do you think is the most expensive? From the pictures:
Where are the people?
What are they doing? Choose the expression that means the same:
Searching/want to find:
2 of something:
very $$$$$$ / a lot of money:
want to know the price:
comparison: What are you looking for?
I need a new............
What about ___ ?
mmm...Which one is ____?
How much is it?
Wow it's ___ .
I think.... Rules!
One syllable word :
add "er" than

Two or more syllable word :
add more ___ than

When you use :
as...as , don't change the adjective! Practice!
Create sentences using as...as:
1. ice cream - vegetables
2. mp3 player - mp4
3. Laptop - iPad
4. Blackberry- Smartphone
5. iPhone 3 - iPhone 5
6. CocaCola - Kola Real
7. Pringles - Lays Let's think about some things we can say about them....
what about people? Describe your pictures and ask your partner...
What is he/she wearing?
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