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Methods of communication

No description

Claudia Bell

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of Methods of communication

What ways to communicate can you see? Which of the ways of communicating do you use? In groups , discuss how your ways of communicating are different from your parents and grandparents Look at the audio script in your textbook. Find the following ways of saying you do / don´t do the same. Write them in the correct columns below. There are three in each group. Listen to the conversation between June and Phil. Check the column for June or Phil next to each statement. One statement is true for both Phil and June Which one is it? Feedback By Claudia Perez Luna Individually, write about your communication habits. Say when you are similar or different from your partner. "I never send e-mails to friends, but Lupita sends e-mails every day." Task First this: Useful language You can communicate ... Face to face by e-mail by fax by letter by phone by text message In groups of three, you are going to design a survey on line using the "Surveymonkey" website.
Discuss your communication habits and vote for the most popular way of communicating in your group, and give your reasons. 1) Individually, tick the sentences that are true for you in the table page 64 of your textbook. 2) Write ten questions for your survey.

3) Go to www.surveymonkey.com

4) Open an account (one per group)

5) Design and type your survey

6) Answer it. 5) Discuss your findings 7) Vote for the most popular way of communicating in your group and give a reason. 8) Report to the class orally. Look at the table in your textbook The way we communicate Can you think of another way to communicate? Methods of communication By Facebook
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