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Job Skill Improvement

No description

Clay Menotti

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Job Skill Improvement

Job Skill Improvement Background Unemployment is at its
highest rate since the Great Depression With the current econnomy,
jobs are getting harder to come by A seminar that covers a variety of basic job skills that participants can use to improve thier performance at thier current job, or use those skills to get a new job. This seminar will take place to help people better thier skills in the workplace and in the process of getting hired. Galveston County, Texas Located on the Texas Gulf Coast between Harris, Brazoria,and Chambers County Galveston County is home to over 300,000 residents, even though the county is over 53% water Demographics (US Census 2000) Target Audience Audience is local residents of working age 18-55 Main Focus will be workers looking or new jobs or to improve work performance in a current job, mainly ages 30 to mid 40's Anyone wanting to attend any of the sessions must attend the Introduction Session Seminar There will be an Inroduction Session followed by Eight Sessions focused on different work related toics The Seminar will be taught by the County Agents along with local volunteers, teachers, professors, counselors, and business professionals Schedule of Events Introduction Session:

The introduction will be mainly a meet and greet, learning more about the seminar and signing up for each session. Participants will also take a survey about thier intentions for the course and what they hope to learn Session #1: Interviews and Resumes

Participants will get tips on what employers are looking for in an interview as well as proper etiquette and attire. They will also recieve help with editing or creating resumes to give to potential employers Session #2: Basic Computer Skills

Participants will learn skills in programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Windows Media, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, etc. Session #3: Advanced Computer Skills

Participants will go further into the programs from session two and also learn Adobe Programs, Quickbooks, Solid Works, Web Editing and more. Session #4: Communications

Participants will learn public speaking and presentation skills, as well as proper language in the office for use in emails, reports, memos, etc. Session #5: Ethics and Mannerisms

Participants will learn proper office ethics and what is right and wrong for office behavior. They will also be put through mock scenarios to learn how to handle situations in the work place. Session #6: Conflict Resolution

Through mock scenarios, participants will learn how to handle different situations in the work place and how to make every conflict end in a win-win situation. Session #7: Time Management

Participants will learn how to budget thier time effectivly to allow maximum job performance as well as maximum personal satisfaction. Scheduling will be a main focus in this session. Session #8: Company Connect Job Fair

Participants will conclude the seminar with a real job fair with local businesses looking to hire. The main focus will be for participants to find jobs, but the experience is a valuable key as well. Intent of Seminar After the each session, participants will complete an evaluation of the session and the instructors as well as any improvements they would make. The intent is for all participants to learn valuable skills needed to find a new job or improve at thier current job. Evaluation Each session will end in an evaluation. These evaluations will grade instructors, materials, and the overall session, and if any changes would be made. These evaluations will be used to improve future seminars as well as how effective each session was at bringing the information to the audience. We will use the evaluations to interprete how well the participants learned the material for each session, hopefully all participants will be extremelly satisfied with the sessions In the End This seminar is intended to take place over a 2-3 month period, participants would be encouraged to take all sessions, but they can take any amount. After the seminar is over, participants will hopefully have learned valuable information to improving job performance and getting hired for jobs. Even though the job market is slim right now, we believe thi seminar will help participants get ahead of the rest of potential employees and stand out to hiring employers. Any Questions? Clay Menotti Laura Raney Garrett Shubert Aaron Symank ALED 441 EXTENSION ISSUE PROJECT
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