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I Am Stronger

No description

rebekah perales

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of I Am Stronger

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parents listen up!
A Boy
There's a whole lot of kids who do not want live
Searching up and down the halls for a Ritalin fix
Not knowing how upset the Vice Principal gets
When he gets another call from another troubled mom
Crying on the phone saying that her son sobs
Asking himself what he did to deserve this
Just because he looks a little different on the surface
Maybe it's the way he acts or the crazy fact
That his dad passed away last May from a heart attack
He already feels alone and confused
And to top it off he goes to school and gets abused
So guys don't you fight
cause we all going to get right
Bulling isn't cool so
lets all get along here at school
Think this through
I am smarter, I am stronger!
I will take it! nope, no longer
I have feelings, I'm a person
I will live life...with purpose!
always remember

I Am Stronger...
There was a girl, who wore a lot of make up
Every weekend, her parents used to break up
Strange people coming through the house that would take stuff
She felt ashamed every day from the waist up
She covered up with cover up to try and hide
And sat alone every single day at lunch time
Then came the rumors, whispers and gossip
She was too bothered to focus on topics
Grades started dropping, running out of options
Kids said she was better off in a coffin
She started to believe thoughts evil as these
Struggling for a reason to breathe
One night, someone posted a picture on Facebook
Of a cow it said this is how Shay looks
She read it with a tear streaming down her cheek
Then she went to sleep, permanently, she drank bleach
Apparently, you parents really need to listen in
Maybe you should give your kid a little discipline
Instead of letting him act so inconsiderate
You say you're not the problem the school system is
Well picture this ya as sick as it is
Lesson on bullying
Teen suicide in teens is on the rise Four thousand-two hundred twelve people ages fifteen to twenty four committed suicide in 2005. One of the reasons for teen suicide is bullying nineteen days four teens committed suicide from being bullied. Suicide caused by bullying usually happens when the victim is tired of being bullied or because they feel they don’t need to live anymore. Instead of teens committing suicide or let the bullying continue some go to revenge.

When someone is bullied to the point that they can not take it anymore they can act with
revenge. Bullying, cyberbullying, and qualitative results about self-reported reasons for cyberbullying, the role of revenge. When revenge is consider they usually plan to do to the bully the same or worse then what happened to them. “Other kids picking on them, making fun of them or bullying them” causes teenagers to turn to lethal violence in the schools. Revenge is not the best way to handle the issue especially when it gets out of hand. Teenagers say “revenge is the strongest motivation for school buildings.”

Bullying is widespread in American schools and is affecting education for many students. 8% of students miss 1 day of class per month for fear of bullies and students are also are skipping school to escape in a negative way something needs to be done.
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