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Men, Woman and Love


Rachel Broadus

on 17 December 2009

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Transcript of Men, Woman and Love

Men Women & Love The traced analysis of two love themed poems. Your love dear man, is as lovley to me... &
The Lotus Flower
The Lotus Flower Your love, dear man, is as lovley to me... In this poem there is a women explaining to a man that she loves him,
and what she can relate her love for him to. For example: "Your love, dear man, is as lovley to me as sweet soothing oil to the limbs of the rest-less." His love is so much, that it compares to all great loving things, and that is what she is doing in this poem. This poem uses various similies to describe her lovers type of love, and also uses many different, concrete symbols to represent the abstract idea of love.In the other text, 'Your love, dear man, is as lovely to me', uses symbolism as well but in the some form. In 'The lotus flower', the author used one concrete object, where in this text, the author is using different objects and scenarios in forms of similes to compare the love her uses towards her to see if any of them can compete to it. Symbolism in ‘The Lotus Flower’ uses a flower for a man to take the place of a woman he loves, or so we interpret that. Heinrich Heine (author of The Lotus Flower) secretively is describing a girl in the form of a Lotus flower. Why this particular flower? Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. It represents long life, health, honor and good luck. The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest symbol of our planet. It grows in a muddy water which closes and sinks beneath the surface and rises above the surface of the watery wasteland to bloom in its remarkable beauty. People represent a lotus flower when they have been through a hard time that has been overcome. Now with us knowing what a lotus flower is, we can conclude that this girl he is representing is obviously something special to have been represented as a flower of that much greater simplicity than any other flower. By: Rachel Broadus
and Leana Armstrong The theme is used similarly through both text by both using a concrete symbol to represent an abstract idea, and in this scenario, love and/or their framework of love. It is critical to really stress the importance of the thesis statement, which in this case was, the theme is used similarly through both text by both using a concrete symbol to represent an abstract idea, and in this scenario, love and/or their framework of love, to finish a comparative analysis over two texts using the same theme. In the introduction , we have explained what a theme is, told how it is used in general, compared two different themes to get the concept of comparing, described both texts, and finally, came up with a thesis statement. In the body of the essay, we described symbolism, showed how symbolism was used in both texts, told you a little something about the poets, and showed how the diction in each poem compared to one another and how the poets used them in the poems. After recording all the data, we are hoping that this accomplishment will fully explains its self on comparing two texts on 1 theme clearly.
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