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No description

R Mears

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Algorithms

What is a Problem
What is an Algorithm?
Definition of an Algorithm
An algorithm is a series of instructions (a procedure) that solves a problem by using a finite number of steps
Google page rank
How Google ranks the list of hits you get when you search
Searching for files in a computer
Binary search...
Libraries - do you want to go through books, one at a time?
Bubble sort...
A solution to a problem
A recipe
A list of instructions
A flowchart
What about a Solution
Pseudocode & Variables
if weather == rain
get umbrella
else umbrella = left_at_home

if weather == sunny
get sunglasses
else sunglasses = left_at_home

Activity - Flowchart:
A web form prompts a user to enter their email address
The validation rules check if the address has an @ symbol in it
If it doesn’t, an error message is displayed, the text box is cleared and the system asks the user to enter the email address again
This continues until an appropriate address is entered.
The system then checks that the email address has been typed in lowercase, if not it converts it to lowercase
Once the email address is ok it is stored in the customer database
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