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TeamWork Coaching using 3 way Calling

No description

Kim Fiske

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of TeamWork Coaching using 3 way Calling

Games "Participant"
The Purpose of
3-way calls:
To demonstrate the fact that
"We Coach as a Team"
New Coach
This is vital to the New Coaches' success.
If you want your Coaches to introduce you - set the precedent by introducing them to your
Business Coach
Struggling Coach
If the struggling Coach agrees - this is one of the best things to set up with your Business Coach.

The sponsoring Coach will witness how the Business Coach displays empathic listening/Coaching.

Here is the wording to use to set up this call:
Check-Up Calls
Effective for Clients AND Coaches:

Schedule periodic 3-Way Calls with your clients for on-going "Check-Ins"

Plan for periodic 3 Way Business Coach Calls with your Coaches and YOUR Business Coach
New Coach Training
Current Client
Always be looking for reasons to have a 3 way call with your Business Coach and your Client
We Coach as a TEAM!

If you are a new Coach, having your Business Coach explain the program to your initial people is very helpful for you. You will hear things you wouldn't be able to hear or learn any other way because it will be a REAL conversation. This is invaluable for you as a new Coach. We "Coach as a Team"

Click HERE for the wording to set up the 3 way call:
Click Here for Wording to set up the call:
Click Here for how to set up these 3 way calls:
This is a great way to build those relationships
with clients and participants alike.
Here's the wording to use to set up the 3 way call:
Click HERE - http://bit.ly/NewCoach3WayCallInvite
AKA - Client Story Calls
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