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214.7 Looking Deviant: Physical Appearance

No description

Victoria Mowat

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of 214.7 Looking Deviant: Physical Appearance

214.7 Looking Deviant: Physical Appearance
Chapter 7 Outline
Voluntary & Involuntary
Physical Appearance

Shilling's (1993) Body Projects:
Weight: "Too Fat", "Too Thin", & "Ideal"
Body Modification
...According to Science
...According to Social Standards
"Too Fat"
"Too Thin"
1. Camouflaging
2. Extending
3. Adapting
4. Redesigning
1. Voluntary & Involuntary Physical Appearance
2. Weight: "Too Fat", "Too Thin", & "Ideal"
3. Application
Chapter 7 Terms:
*Important to concepts of 'self' - master status
Youtube: "Coke keeps you thin! (1961 Coke commercial)"
History and colonization
1700s/1800s carnival shows
1950s masculinity
1960s criminals
Youth > female/middle class
Pop culture
What Do Modified
Bodies Tell Us?
E.g. Women with Tattoos
Body-Mass Index (BMI) =
[weight in pounds/(height in inches x height in inches)] x 703

25.0-29.9 = overweight (p. 190)
30.0+ = obese (p. 190)
BMI of 18.4 and under = underweight (p. 190)
Serious Complications:
anorexia nervosa
atypical anorexia
muscle dysmorphia
4 Causal Theories of Anorexia

1. Ego-Psychological
2. Family Systems
3. Endocrinological
4. Sociocultural
The Social Typing Process
Youtube: "1959 First EVER Barbie Commercial"
Youtube: "Nutrisystem Commercial 2013"
Media portrayals of fashion models
Gap between average women and models
Men in the media = muscular
Playboy vs Playgirl
Social Control
body projects p. 190 - camouflaging p. 191 - extending p. 191 - adapting p. 191 - redesigning p. 191 - master status p. 192 - established femininity p. 198 - resistant femininity p. 199 - body mass index (BMI) p. 201 - overweight p. 201 - obese p. 201 - underweight p. 201 - anorexia nervosa p. 202 - muscle dysmorphia p. 203 - ego-psychological theories p. 203 - family systems theories p. 203 - endocrinological theories p. 203 - sociocultural p. 203
Youtube: "The Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson Loses 155 Pounds"
All control efforts ultimately lead to self-regulation...
1. Media
2. Commercialization
3. Medicalization
4. Governments
5. Communities
The consequences of social control can be severe...
Resisting a Label
of "Too Fat"
The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance in Canada
Sometimes, the media actually helps to resist the social typing process...
Widespread acceptance of thin ideal
Small amount of the pop'n > less than 2%
No social controls until hospitalization
Social Control
1. Medicalization, Education & Formal Intervention

2. Media

3. Changing Ideals, Interactions with Family & Friends, & Informal Controls
Resisting a Label
of "Too Thin"
Pro-'Ana' websites:
Youtube: "The Truth About Online Anorexia"
1. Voluntary & Involuntary Physical Appearance
2. Weight: "Too Fat", "Too Thin", & "Ideal"
Up Next - Chapter 8: Mental Disorders
But first, track your learning...
Youtube: "Lady Gaga Gets Tattoo by Kat Von D"
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