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Create your own Culture Project

Sociology, culture project

Bethany Silva

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Create your own Culture Project

By: Bethany Silva Create your own culture project the upper class is the “Potatoes”- are so different from everybody, they have their own style in clothes, hair, shoes

lower class is the “Streams” who in this society would be considered “normal”, they follow everybody and always try to copy the rest of the world

middle class would be the “Theres”, they are just there, they aren't particularly anywhere Social Classes The counterculture in this society is the potatoes who are very rare seen, and if you spot one it's like seeing a unicorn. Counterculture basic family structure is a mom, dad, two kids and a pet (of any choice), excluding: Unicorns, Owls, Pandas, Elephants, Pokemon, Hedgehogs, Wolves, Sharks, bears, bunnies and Turtles, which are only allowed in Uni-opolis Kingdom Basic family structure This island is called “Ocean's matter” which is not visible on the map. The three towns are Uni-opolis Kingdom, Wonderland, and Meowville. The Potatoes live in Uni-opolis Kingdom, which is a very majestic place, the There's live in Wonderland wondering what to do with themselves, and the Streams live in Meowville which half of it's population is cats and the whole island has free wifi for everybody. Global In order to learn the youngsters have to go online and read articles about different things they want to learn about in addition to the minimum of 8 years of school. For the people who are a little slower when learning they have to stay until they're decisions leave the “stupidity stage”, so education is very important. Education You can never ever ever take somebody’s pet, no matter how appealing they might look to you, because if you do the animal will turn into a vicious man eating carnivore with rabies and try to eat you. You can not be annoying because there are consequences which is getting punched in the face. Potatoes don't enjoy sharing food so don't ask if you can have some/or take food without being offered first (they will only offer you some if they enjoy your company). Don't judge other people, and don't get offended if somebody is being honest with you. Norms The Potatoes happen to be amazing bloggers and every year they have a party celebrating the day they committed their life to blogging. Everybody who wants to can celebrate Birthdays and about 6 times a year there are random holidays where you can do whatever you want(except killing somebody which doesn't exist on this Island because everybody is fair and not annoying or liars) and nobody will say anything or judge you. Customs/Traditions The most serious violations are being fake, taking somebody’s food, judging people, and not thinking, which barely ever happens but if it does it is resolved by getting punched in the face (depending on how serious the matter is) and then being placed in solitary confinement, giving the person time to think why they got punished or if the person affected decides to be in a light saber sword fight against the offender. Laws Religion & Holidays The religious structure it mixed, everybody is free to have their own religion but many people are neutral. Political System There is a democracy which is guaranteed to benefit everybody equally. Economic System The economic system is based off of bills like Franks, Lanas, and Ems. Franks are worth $100, Lanas are worth $50 and Ems are worth $500, anything less than that it paid in kit-kats. All of the products we need to survive and all the goods are downloaded from our laptops with the regular price usually sold a stores. Language No, everybody does not speak the same language since we all have different nationalities but each class has a different call or way to say hi. For example the Potatoes say “blblblblblblblbbl” or just stick their tongue out and move it around(it can be heard from miles away since they have majestic super hearing). The Theres don't really have a call, they just nod their head at the person they are acknowledging. The Streams just do that awkward hand shake/hug. The dominant language is blogger language, which happens to be “etop esssecret”. Science and Technology It will improve the life in this culture greatly since we have access to all kind of technology and internet service everywhere. The formal sport on Ocean's Matter is badminton, and the recreational sports are blogging, typing olympics, sleeping all day, eating, listening to music, reading, watching movies, being funny, shopping, taking pictures, painting/drawing. Sports On Ocean's Matter the Potatoes listen to Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Eminem, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Weeknd, and some other artist. The Theres listen to whatever they feel like listening to which depends on their mood. The Streams listen to whatever is popular at the moment in other countries. Art, Literature, Music Symbols
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