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P7 Rome

Trace, Matt, Houston, Darrin

Trace Dobson

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of P7 Rome

Ancient Rome's Recipe Religion based on greek religion believed in many gods called pantheon built temple to worship
the 12 most important gods juno is most important godess and goddess of women and marrige jupiter is most important god and god of sky they held gladiator
battles to honor the gods they worshipped a lot at home
each family had a temple to pray in mars=god of war saturn=god of agriculture diana=goddess of hunt and nature minerva=goddess of war and wisdom Enviroment all the fertile land let them grow most of their resources land had lots of valuable resources rome and italy is a mix of
hills mountains and plains
enjoyed a lot of harvests borders mediterranian sea PO valley climate was moderate and flat mediterranian climate was mild, wet winters and hot, dry summer most fertile land is by PO valley alps and apennines mountians were in Italy tiber river was in Rome culture father is called paterfamilias and head of family family was building block of society when children were older, they were encouraged to have lots of children girls married at 12 boys married at 14 on wedding the bride wore an orange veil games included tag and hide and seek started school at age 7 and ended before teens ate food such as bread, barley, fish ,oysters etc. lived in small 1 or 2 bedroom apartment made of wood wore togas women had very few legal rights when finished school boys worked as farmers craftsman etc. women learned to cook, sew etc. Inventions aqueducts brought clean water in coins pots pans hypocaust brought heat to homes gladius, scorpios, and pilums were weapons calendar first calendar 10 months second 12 square boats Politics first period (regal) was governed by democracy republican era was a time of great conflict in both in and out of rome last stage governed with imperial rule 7 kings governed first period upper class=patricians
lower class=plebeians first only people from the patrician class could rule then they changed it patrician senate wrote legal written code first period lasted until 509 B.C after getting sent into military school you were sent into politics Economy economy based on agriculture grew grains, fruits, and veges rose animals for milk, eggs, and meat by Darrin, Houston, Matt, and Trace By Trace, Houston, Matt, Darrin upper class men made money from taxes and rent from land owned common citizens and slaves had to work here is 5 of
the 7 kings
of rome fip
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