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Prezi Rubric

English I

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Rubric

Brownie Point Privileges
Preparing for English I With Mrs. Tewson
Class Supplies
Along with the basic necessities (i.e. pens, pencils, and college ruled loose leaf paper), I also highly recommend the following.

erasers, pencil sharpener, highlighters (of various colors), and a class folder
Gradual Release and Tough Love
The transition from middle school to high school is a difficult process for both students and parents to undertake. However, it is my responsibility to prepare students for the real world by making them more self-disciplined and confident in their own abilities. Along with the standard English I curriculum, you will have responsibility goals to help ease this transition. Be prepared to take a big step toward maturity!
What are Brownie Points?
A Brownie Point is a term given to denote academic and behavioral acknowledgments via a classroom tally point system. The more points you have, the more privileges you can obtain.

Privileges include: additional restroom breaks, extra credit, preferential seating, and the opportunity to listen to music during individual assignments.

For a list of ways to obtain Brownie Points, please view the next page.
Cellphone Policy
Cellphones offer an array of beneficial possibilities for knowledge and communication, but sadly they are severely abused in the classroom.

FISD BYOD Policy: Students may use cellular devices at the teacher`s discretion. If students are caught abusing these devices in class, they will be required to turn in their device to the teacher and obtain it with a parental guardian from the front office at the end of the day. After two offenses, a fine will take effect.

In my classroom, I do not allow students to have their devices visible unless an extenuating circumstance has been discussed with me specifically before class.

Make sure to utilize my website and its components often to ensure your success in the classroom.
My website:

My Twitter tag:

My Quizlet tag:
Course Components
Unit 1: Short Stories
Unit 2: The Odyssey
Unit 3: Romeo and Juliet
Unit 4: To Kill a Mockingbird
Grammar and Spelling:
Various styles, perspectives, and lengths
Student Responsibility
For every 100% grade or for
earning the highest grade in the
Daily grades are excluded
For showing signs of character or
integrity by assisting others or
Insincere actions are excluded
For phenomenal participation during
class discussions

For winning class games
Grading Policy
Major Grades: 50%

Minor Grades: 30%

Daily Grades: 20%
The Basics
Students, you should not be surprised that you will need to have a writing utensil and paper every day in class.

If student preparedness becomes frequent, parental notification will take place.
A minimal amount of homework will be given on most days, so make sure you start a homework routine and don`t get into the bad habit of procrastinating.
Students will need to be able to contact me themselves and in the appropriate manner.

Any emails sent to me need to be written in the acceptable format and tone with correct grammar and spelling. Otherwise, they will receive no response.
Extra Credit
Under district policy, students who earn a grade below 85% on a major grade will be eligible for the Six Weeks Optional Test (SWOT) to replace their score.

I will offer a minimal amount of extra credit opportunities, but only for minor and daily grades. If students do not take advantage of these opportunities in the appropriate time frame, they are out of luck.
Parental Notifications
Periodically, I will send emails and forms to you throughout the year to inform you of important events, progress and problems, and acknowledgments. Please, make sure that your contact information is correct on HAC to ensure that you will receive this information.
Parental Support
Parents, don`t be afraid to check your child`s homework or assist them on their projects or papers, but please do not complete their assignments for them. Don`t teach them to rely on others to do their work for them!
A New Problem
Parents, please do not rob your children of the opportunity to focus and learn by calling or texting them during class. Communicate during their lunch or before or after school.

Don`t be the cause of them having their device taken.
Excuses, Excuses
Being familiar with the FISD BYOD policy since its installment, I have heard countless excuses from students using their devices during class. The most popular one being that they were checking the time. I assure you that each classroom has a wall clock, so if your child claims they can only read digital clocks, they need to get a watch or learn how to read hand clocks.
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