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Microsoft vs. Linux

No description

Paul cheng

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Microsoft vs. Linux

Case study: Emerging Markets Microsoft's Evolving China Strategy From an industry-based view, why does Microsoft feel threatened by Linux in China and Globally? Thank You Very Much!!!

Any question?!

- Group B1
RUI,WANG Brainstorming Results Realisation Sketches Questions:

1. How many computer operating systems do you know except Microsoft?

2. which one do you like better among the systems you know about? Why? -Competitor Rivalry:
Linux and other computer systems increase the competitiveness among Chinese market.
Advantages from Linux: Supports from Government
Low price
Better impression of the brand, (no suing users)
-Threat of potential entry:
Linux is a good example. When Linux came into market with its advantages it can take a consider amount of market share from Microsoft.
-Bargaining power of buyers
As the Introduction of Linux into the market, consumers would have more options rather than the only choice of one.
High price of the Microsoft are not easy to be accept for the emerging economies such as China.
-Bargaining power of Suppliers:
Top of the production chain, no direct suppliers.
But to operate in China, the IT companies need internet supplies, Marketing agents, legislation organisations, etc. Linux was supported by Chinese Government at earlier years, therefore they get better network relationships with the suppliers.
-Threat of Substitutes
Pirate softwares, meanwhile not many pirate software of Linux.
Using other electronic devices instead of PC, so that no usage of Microsoft products at all. Eg. iPad—iOS; Tablet—Android

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