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No description

Irene Koo

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of ORPPS

Mission Statement
ORRPS is a soon-to-be non-profit organization to promote students who are unable to explore their passions with their limited resources.
Books of Hope
What is Books of Hope?
Project 1808
Project Ideas
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

What you can do:
Books of Hope
Help raise funds for various projects
Start a new project
Take a leadership role
Spread the word!
Growing your interests into sharable projects
Sports - help train students of various levels, hold summer camps, host games and runs, etc.

Music - lessons, concerts, recordings, etc.

Dance/art - gallery, performance showcase, lessons, field trips, etc.

Academic decathlon/National History Day/other academic competitions - fundraise to participate in competitions, train, assist in research, field trips, etc.
Can't give enough? Up for the challenge?
Starting a New Project
Have something that you really enjoy or are really talented at? Share your talent!
Umm... What if I'm not good at anything?
Video: http://www.e-luminate.org/resources.php?tabNumber=2
Books of Hope, also known as E-luminate, is an already established non-profit organization that allows students to write books to children in various parts of Africa.

No prior knowledge/expertise needed!
"...a Madison, Wisconsin based non-profit organization dedicated to improving community livelihood and technical capacity in Sierra Leone through school, university, and community projects and global partnerships."
Donate supplies, funds, and/or volunteer opportunities both in the US or in Sierra Leone
Students in Bobi
No problem!
Nobody expects you to be a professional basketball player, an award-winning musician, or an accomplished artist; the purpose of this organization is to give what you can to those who want to explore.

Here are your options:
Do what you want to do
What matters is not your level of proficiency; rather, it is better to do and teach something you are really passionate about. This will not only help you maintain your project for a long time, but also help the students share the enthusiasm

Join another project
Don't feel pressured to start a new project; find something that is or seems interesting, and be an active participant to promote that project.
Find other ways
Don't have enough time to do extra projects? Can't find anything of interest? You can still contribute to the organization through fundraising and doing Books of Hope; dedicated volunteers are preferred over those who feel obliged to participate in other projects.
Students will have more fun playing basketball or dancing rather than listening to a college-level lecture on the general trends of 17th century literature in regards to the discovery and naming processes of new Phthiraptera species.
How should I start?
Plan ahead
Based on what you are planning to do, plan accordingly. Here are some suggestions:
Once approved, do what needs to get done!
Communicate with necessary people to get what you need to get done
We're all busy, but once you have committed, you can not just "ditch" your project because your interest diminished or you are too busy.
Have fun!
A lot of time commitment is required to execute and maintain your own project; however, the end results are worth the effort. To make this happen, designing programs so that instructors and students both have fun and feel rewarded is crucial.
Plan, Execute, Commit
Communicate - talk with others who are interested, discuss with coordinator
Intent - what are you trying to achieve?
Duration - how long? How often?
Target audience - elementary, middle, high school students
Volunteers needed - number of volunteers, skills needed, time commitment
Potential cost
Location, times, officials to communicate with
Curriculum to implement
Don't get discouraged if your ideas are not approved at first; most will not be able to meet the requirements at first.
If you have any problems, communicate - two heads are better than one

Nobody will eat you because you have a problem
Description: Maintains website, Facebook page, other social networks; helps with Books of Hope

Preferred Skill Set: Advanced computer handling, communication

Level of Time Commitment: A lot

Potential Executive Board? No

Recommended for those who are interested in... technology, website management, computer, etc.
Description: Promoting the NPO to reach more people and students

Preferred Skill Set: communication, ability to contact school officials, elaborate writing skills

Level of Time Commitment: A lot

Potential Executive Board? Yes

Recommended for those who are interested in... publications, publicity, promotions, etc.
Arts/Writing Editors for Books of Hope
Description: Leadership for Books of Hope

Preferred Skill Set: art/writing, communication, managing, editing

Level of Time Commitment: A lot

Potential Executive Board? Depends on size of department

Recommended for those who are interested in... art, writing, any particular topic, Books of Hope
List to be continued...
Size of leadership will ultimately depend on the growth rate of the organization, but do express interest and ask questions if you are interested!
Description: Communicates with new project heads, facilitates new volunteer recruitment, analyzes recurring problems, helps coordinator with necessary duties

Preferred Skill Set: Organization, communication, computer basics, experience with volunteering

Level of Time Commitment: SUPER DUPER

Potential Executive Board? Definitely

Recommended for those who are interested in... business
Description: Writing grants, managing funds, planning fundraisers, communicating with companies

Preferred Skill Set: organization, communication, creativity, ability to work with long, legal documents, experience with managing accounts

Level of Time Commitment: SUPER

Potential Executive Board? Yep

Recommended for those who are interested in... business, accounting, planning
A lot of information thrown at you...
Feel free to ask questions!

Email: orppsreachingout@gmail.com
Website (tentative):
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