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Unit 27: Challenging Behaviour

No description

Gemma Martin

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Unit 27: Challenging Behaviour

Use the white boards provided to list at least 5 each....
How might legislation / guidance apply to each of these behaviours?
Discuss in your groups
Describe different types challenging behaviour
Maybe think of examples from your placement setting
For each of the 4 strategies you have picked list:
Using the same behaviour you have chosen...
...suggest strategies to minimse the effects of this behaviour.
Group Feedback
Select one type of challenging behaviour that occurs in a health and social care setting....
Unit 27: Challenging Behaviour
Lesson 8
The Children Act
Promotes children's well being
Child centered approach - aimed at identifying individuals needs as soon as possible
Ensures safety for the child
Promotes co-ordination between multiple official entities to improve the overall well-being of children
specifically provided for including and affecting disabled children
The Human Rights Act
Protects the human rights of the individuals
Ensures all with a challenging behaviour are also treated fairly and humanely
Protects from inhumane torture
The Convention on the Rights of a Child
To act in the best interest of the child
The right to life
The right to his or her own identity
The right to a childhood
The Care Standards Act: White Paper
Established independent advisory board
Reformed regulatory systems for care services
Ensure care standards of local authorities and independent sectors are matched
Health and Safety at Work Act
Managing violence
Violence towards staff
Preventative methods
Welfare at work
Discuss possible characteristics and possible causes of this behaviour
Think of at least 4....
- 3 advantages
- 3 disadvantages
Looking at the advantages and disadvantages...
... tell me which would be the most effective strategy to use and why.
Why would you choose this strategy over the others?
Group Reflection
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