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Dynamic Character: Raisin in the Sun

No description

Grace Glenn

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Dynamic Character: Raisin in the Sun

Beneatha as a Dynamic Character By: Anna and Grace Glenn View of God Hair Style Ruth's Baby Changed Relationships - Beneatha stands up to Mama and
admits her true belief about God
- Beneatha is tired of hearing her mother
give God all the credit
- Beneatha has chosen not to accept God
and says that only man can create and
achieve miracles - Beneatha cuts her hair, which was
once straightened, to her natural curly
- Beneatha wants to show her pride in
her African American heritage
- Beneatha does not want to be
considered an assimilationist - When Beneatha finds out about Ruth's pregnancy, Beneatha does not support
the situation
- Beneatha interrogates Ruth by asking her if it was intended or not and where
the baby will sleep
- Beneatha realizes this has upset Ruth,
so Beneatha starts to comfort Ruth by saying that she thinks it is wonderful - Beneatha is dating George Murchison,
who is wealthy but "shallow"
- Beneatha is also dating Joseph Asagai,
who is an Nigerian intellectual
- Beneatha must chose between wealth
or intelligence - Beneatha is trying to find out how to express herself by experimenting with different activities
- First she joined a play-acting group
- Then came the horseback riding club and then the guitar lessons
- Mama believes that Beneatha is "flitting" from one thing to another too much, but Beneatha argues that she is just trying to find a way to express herself - Beneatha has demonstrated the characteristics of a dynamic character in multiple ways
- Beneatha has changed her behavior by taking a new view of God, which she no longer accepts
- Beneatha also changes her hairstyle to show her pride in her African-American heritage
- Beneatha is torn between two suiters, one whom is very wealthy, while the other is very smart and caring
- Beneatha changes her interest in activities constantly to find her identity
- Lastly, Beneatha changed her attitude towards Ruth's baby because she realized that comforting words is best for the situation Finding Identity
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