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How to write a CV

Hints & Tips from our Recruitment Team on Writing Your CV

Escape Recruitment

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of How to write a CV

Your CV is often the first opportunity you have to show you have the right skills and experience for the job you're applying for.

Having worked with hiring managers from different industry sectors and job seekers at various stages in their career we have reviewed and advised on a wide-range of CVs.

Here you'll find hints & tips from some of our recruiters and resourcers on CV writing.

We hope these will help you when preparing your CV.

For more information visit:

or get in touch with us at:

How to write a CV
Be Contactable
"I did that!"
PDF or Word??
Format & Layout
txt chat
What's in a name?
"It sounds simple but remember to include all your current contact details in your CV, not just in your covering email."
"If you include an email address in your CV, make sure it's an account you check regularly."
"Remember to let your consultant know if you change address, mobile number or email account so we can reach you."
...So make sure your CV has the keywords recruiters will use in their searches."
"Your CV might be saved on a job board or recruitment consultancy database....
mechanical design
health & safety
purchase ledger
supply chain management
"Fluent in French"
Using a summary or "Personal Profile"
at the top of your CV
Josephine Bloggs
I am a qualified Accountant with extensive experience in both public and private sectors........
Use clear section headers such as:
Education & Qualifications
Employment history
Key Skills
Personal Details
Use bullet points to
identify key skills
achievements and responsibilities
rather than
long paragraphs of text
Make sure you include all your job titles, key responsibilities and relevant qualifications & training
Make it clear
"Make it easy for recruiters & hiring managers to see your skills and experience."
You can do this by:
"Recruiters & Hiring Managers want to know what you've achieved."
"So whether it's, hitting a target, making improvements or gaining a qualification, remember.....
...when you're applying for a new job it is okay to blow your own trumpet a little!"
me, me, me
I achieved...
I improved...
I led...
I managed...
"Always use spell-check and if you're sending your CV in the UK make sure it's set to UK English"
curriccullum vitae
"Re-read everything.
Ask a friend to read over it too.
A fresh pair of eyes always helps!"
"While there's no hard & fast rule many organisations & recruitment databases still favour Word."
"If you want to use PDF to demonstrate something in particular you can always attach a Word version as back up just to be sure!"
"You don't need to use complicated formatting in your CV. Keep the layout simple and easy for the reader to find the information they need."
"Using an unusual font or lots of images may create issues for others opening and using the document".
"Tables can help display complicated information more easily."
"Whilst many people write more informally these days, remember all correspondence, including your covering email, should be written with care."
Take care to avoid:
only writing in lowercase or BLOCK CAPS
Not using or misusing punctuation
Using very informal language
Using emoticons or txt abbreviations
heres my cv
it's, its
"Sending a CV from a "funny" email address shouldn't impact on the success of your application.

But remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

So what impression does your email address make?"
inappropriate@email.com ?
lacks-judgment@cv.com ?
professional@hire-me.com ?
"Be careful when using acronyms or abbreviations...
...many are common and recognisable but make sure to avoid terms specific to your current company....
...think about who is reading your CV.
Will they understand?"
"Remember you can have more than one version of your CV...
...You can tailor your CV for each application or perhaps have 2 or 3 versions focussing on different skills & experiences"
My CVs:
Version 1. Emphasising Technical Skills
Version 2. Focussing on Engineering Background
Version 3. Highlighting Management Experience
...and finally
Our last piece of advice is to ask for feedback on your CV.
We're happy to provide our candidates with feedback and advice on all aspects of the recruitment process including CV writing.

So register on our website and speak with your consultant

Good luck and if you have any tips you'd like to share, get in touch and let us know.

wind turbine
"Although there's not one correct layout for CVs, it's advisable to follow the logical order seen in many templates".
curiculum vitae
curicculum vitae
! ; : - ' "
; " "
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