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CE presentation by kiele mcallister

kiele mcallister

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of DIGITAL STORY

Kiele Alyssa McAllister's
Digital Story Strengths/skills Weaknesses I love being a social butterfly. I am also good at being a role model for my younger brothers. I have a natural instinct with little children I keep up on my work and strive to be the best that i can be. I also self discipline when I think that i haven't done right. I tend to be lazy at times and I can be a slob. I do have my moments when I lack responsibility when I shouldn't. Improvements I think that if my weakness area was improved on it would make be even more successful. If I keep striving for what I want I know that my growth would be extensive and that could lead me to my dream in life. Important people of my life I am a christian and I go to church twice a week. (Wednesdays and Sundays) I enjoy what god brings to my life everyday and I know he is always there when I need him the most guiding all of my steps in life. California means everything to me. I was born in Moreno Valley and i grew up there and live there for 10 years. I have so many memories and I really want to move back soon to start my own life. In-n-out is one of the amazing places that i used to go to with my sister every Friday night. Its like Washingtons Dicks but ten times better. You always order animal style fries, chocolate shake and a double double animal style Important places of my life Future plans In the future i want to go to college at PLU. I would like major in Special education teaching. I would also like to get married and move back to California where all my family is located. At My sister Stephanie and I in cali ready for a birthday dinner My step sister Samantha and I playing around with the computer camera. My cheer sister and I messing around on the computer My baby atelle and I. She knows how to lighten up anyones mood My mom Michelle, brothers alden and miles and I in Knotts in California My autistic cousin, Landon and I at grandmas while he shows me how to play Pokemon! HE IS MY WHOLE WORLD!!! My number one college I would like to go too. What I am going to study when I go to college What i like to do for fun :) Having time with the friends! my birthday cake my little brother picked out for me on my 16th birthday me and my partner noah watching the other game in our tournament. Hes my babe :) Ready to go to prom 2011. Chick Train. 16th birthday at sandbox sports. Picture time while we were all sweaty:) Having fun at the beach Kyle and I messing around during sids class Hmmm... this shrimp guy was just strutting his stuff. Even though now i am extremly scared of people dressed up in these type of costumes. Parent preformance and pictures with all the boys: Hunter, Jeremy, Alex M. Alex, Matt and I Seattle storm game and private time with my favorite player Sue Bird Me and my sisters waiting for dinner at PF Changs in California My moms friends children trying to break my physical therapy bands This is how dark i get after only 30 mins in the sun My family means the world to me. Even though my parents are divorced I will forever be a daddies girl. My dad, Joe and step-mom, Margret are cute together. Those two are a big part of my life. My daddy is my world and I love him so much.My mother, Michelle and I are very close. We have our moments but who doesnt? My cousins on my moms side (Kammin, Landon, and Atelle) are amazing well behaved children. They always teach me so much about myself. I miss not being able too see them all the time. My step sister is a devil sometimes but she is really sweet in the end. My two sisters Stephanie and Kassidy (not blood related) are in California still. Even when i moved here 7 years ago we are still close. Calling each other all the time and skypeing often. My blood related little brothers are always on my nerves. They know how to push my buttons like no tomorrow. Being in the Cascade Marching Band was an experience, I learned much about myself and how to take action if I really wanted something. I marched for them for three years and i do miss that close connection with music but I still have the passion and I am still apart of the Symphonic band. In the summer i love spending time at the beach and I love being in the sun since i am a full hearted Cali girl. Going to hockey games and to the Seattle storms gives me great pleasure and I like watchin these people fulfil their dreams. I am a tourist when I go to new places that I dont know. Messing around in class and taking pictures is how i usually spend my time. Going to the mall and shopping is what i do occasionally when i actually get time. Hmm banana time at the fair. hmm time for homecoming and embarassing the brother. Going to the fair and haning out with the friends is how i like to spend my time. Going to school dances is a good excuse to get away form the parentals and have a good time. Going to the beach the day after is really a relaxing time even when you have those great friends with you. I enjoy going to sandbox sports where i can keep up on playing volleyball. It was a great time and me and my boy noah kicked butt. I tend to give my little brother the permission to pick out my birthday things. Especially the cake and decorations. I have wonderful friends and they keep my life interseting and hyper. Had some fun at a museum in Texas!
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