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Inferencing Strategy

No description

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Inferencing Strategy

Reading Comprehension Strategy:
Drawing Inferences

Inferencing Chart
Inference-Evidence Chart
Thinking Strategies

Adaptations: -
-Compare and discuss with a partner.
-Use graphic organizers to write inferences.
Students with reading difficulties
need the "multiple strategy method"
Visual reminder for them
Students use information from text combined with background knowledge to make inferences.
Research Based and Documented:

How it Works:
-Provide students with a copy of the text
-The student reads up to the first sticky note
-Determines what the author is suggesting by using information from the text and what is already known.
-Writes the info in the designated columns
-Reviews their recorded information and writes and inference in the designated box.
(Inferences) Faces/Expressions
(12 Think-Aloud Strategies-Bookmark

Beers, Kylene. (2003). When kids can't read: What teachers can do. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

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Wissman, J. (2015). Ohio Resource Center. "Making inferences". Retrieved February 2, 2015 at http://www.ohiorc.org/Literacy_K5/strategy/strategy_each.aspx?id=000001#how1.

A form of Predicting (Reading between the lines)
Good readers do this all the time
Kennetta Bridges, DeBra Hines-Townsell, Jenny King, Chris Perez, Lauren Vensil
Marzano (2010) suggests teachers pose four questions to ask:
What is my inference?

What information did I use to make this inference?

How good was my thinking?

Do I need to change my thinking?

It Says-I Say-And So...

Thinking Stems
The boy wanted to go to the beach.
The boy put on his swimming trunks and got his beach towel.
Students read a story.
Students make inferences about certain parts of the story.
Teacher creates chart and has students make inferences.
Students find evidence to support their inferences.

Use pictures for evidence
Use technology to create charts.
What is inferencing?

: a conclusion or opinion that is formed because of known facts or evidence
1. Introduce the strategy using a short familiar story
2. Make sure to ask questions that force the students to draw inferences
3. Model the strategy often
4. The It Says portion needs to be a direct quote.

I quickly packed my suitcase. I tossed in a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and a hairbrush. Glancing at my watch, I zipped the suitcase and walked to the front door. After I shut the window blinds, I pulled a heavy coat from the closet.
Inferencing Paragraph
How it works:
Provides examples of question starters
"Inferencing Starter"
Can be printed any size to accomodate
More details could be added to each stem
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