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Branding_Chs 3 & 4

Create a Brand Vision / A Brand Personality Connects

Mike Breazeale

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Branding_Chs 3 & 4

Strategic Brand Management
A Brand is the
of a business strategy.
What are the major dimensions
of brand equity?
Brand Awareness
Brand Vision
An articulated description of the aspirational image for the brand, the brand vision captures the strategic nature of brand identity and serves as a roadmap to what you want the brand to represent in consumers' minds.
Convincing Someone That
Brand Equity Matters
6 Reasons That Aaker Recommends a Well-Crafted Brand Vision
Why Develop a Brand Vision?
Dr. Mike Breazeale
Chapters 3 and 4
Create a Brand Vision
A Brand Personality Connects

Good brand elements are:
Pick a favorite brand in your group and list all the brand elements that you can think of for that brand. Decide which ones meet these criteria and which ones don't. Pick a spokesperson to share with the class.
Brand Associations
Brand Loyalty
Brand Awareness
Brand Associations
The product attributes, or design, or social programs, or quality, or user imagery, or innovation, or brand personality, or even symbols, that make us think of the brand - anything that connects the customer to the brand
80/20 Principle
Typically, 80% of your business comes from about 20% of your customers
My Selected Associations:
Brand Guru
Allergic to mediocrity
Passionately Enthusiastic
Unlocker of Potential
Confidence Inspiring
Mentor in a Sweater Vest
Personal Brand Association List
Meaningful Differentiation
Case Studies
Strong Link between Stock Price and Brand Equity
Only Real Alternative is Price Competition
"In an increasingly crowded marketplace, fools will compete on price. Winners will find a way to create lasting value in the customer's mind."
Brand Vision Brand Identity
It serves as a roadmap for the brand managers, allowing them to make decisions that are consistent with and support the brand identity (
) and the brand image (
1.) The brand is more than a catchphrase or logo
2.) The extended vision elements play a useful role that includes affording a home for important aspects of the brand such as brand personality or aspirational associations.
3.) The brand vision allows for the selection of elements that fit the context at hand.
4.) The brand vision is actually aspirational and can vary from the current image that the consumer holds.
5.) The brand vision allows for creation of a brand essence when necessary.
6.) The brand vision allows for the development of a brand position.
Core Vision Elements
Extended Vision Elements
The top two to five brand vision elements that are most compelling and differentiating; will reflect the value propositions moving forward and will drive brand-building activities
The remaining brand vision elements that add texture to the brand vision and allow brand managers to make better judgments about whether programs are "on-brand"
Decisions are consistent with the brand vision
Brand Essence
Represents a central theme of the brand vision
Is optional (
Represents an umbrella over what the brand aspires to be
Brand Position
Refers to the "position" that the brand holds in your customers' minds
to other competing brands
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