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project for IT

No description

andrew truong

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of project for IT

How to protect yourself online by Andrew Truong It is easy,
here is 6 things you could do No. 1 Don't give strangers on the internet your personal
information could be used against you
No. 2 Do not click on prize adds It is most likely a trap No.3 beware of downloading No.4
Don't reply to spam they will just send more No.5 update your computer regularly less chance of virus attacks No.6 Do not tell people your password to anything also dont use the same password for every account
may put your computer at risk resources McCandlish, Stanton . "EFF's Top 12 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy". elctronic frontier foundation. <http://www.eff.org/wp/effs-top-12-ways-protect-your-online-privacy>.

silicon valley"10 ways to protect yourself online" <http://www.siliconvalley.com/security/ci_7428024> END Thanks for watching may contain viruses
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