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Canterbury Tales-The Squire

A presentation about the squire in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Ellie Verdon

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Canterbury Tales-The Squire

The Squire Part one:Character Research A Squire was a servant to a Knight in the Middle Ages What Is A Squire? Squires had many different jobs... What Did Squires Do? Some Squires accompanied a knight and helped him in battle. Others performed duties in a castle or at court. The most common duties that a squire would have would be... Daily Life -Attending to their Knights horses
-Waiting at the Knights table
-Kitchen duties
-Carrying messages for the Knight
-Guarding the Knight while he slept More Daily Life -Expedite the knights' dressing by helping the knight put on his armor
-Making sure the Knight's armor and weapons were in good condition
-Accompanying the Knight to tournaments and the battlefield What does a squire compare to in today's society? Comparison To Modern Times In modern times, a squires job could be compared to the job of a page for an important company or person. An example of this would be an NBC page, like Kenneth from 30 Rock, although Kenneth is more obsequious than a squire would have been. Part Two Examination of The Text The Squire At the beginning of the description, the reader learns that the squire is the son of the knight.

The squire has long curls that look pressed. This indicates that he is very conscious about his appearance. Chaucer describes him as being of medium height and very athletic. The Squire The squire has tested his mettle in battles in Flanders, Artois, and Picardy. He is a good, brave fighter.

However, the squire fights only to win approval from women.

Many things that he does indicate that he enjoys flirting and having fancy things. The squire wears frilly, bright clothes and has flowers around him.
He is always singing and playing the flute.
He wears a stylish gown with long and wide sleeves. The Squire The Squire has many skills and talents, like horseback riding, writing, dancing, and jousting. He doesn't get much sleep as he would rather have a good time staying up late. Even though he enjoys flirting and having fun, the squire is a good candidate for a knight. He is humble and polite when he serves his father and he is trained to serve his father well. The Squire Chaucer used words and phrases to give us an idea of what the squire is like. "fresh" "he loved so hotly" "singing he was, or fluting all the day" Part Three Analysis Chaucer's Opinion Chaucer's description of the squire makes the squire look young and somewhat foolish. Chaucer's Opinion The Squire may not be trustworthy, because he fights not for honor but for the approval of women. However, his father can condone this because he is a good servant. Time Period Words Words that must be understood in order to understand the passage. -Cadet (meaning a young member of the family)
-Names like Flanders, Artois, and Picardy (places what is now France near the English Channel)
-"Carved to serve his father at the table" (meaning that even though he had some frivolous qualities, he was still a dutiful servant to his Knight) Works Cited -"Squires". middle-ages.org.uk. web. 8 Oct 2012 -"Chaucer's Pilgrims and their Clothing-The Squire". sitemaker.umich.edu. web. 8 Oct. 2012 Picture Citations -"Chaucer's Pilgrims and their Clothing-The Squire (squire2)". sitemaker.umich.edu. web. 8 Oct 2012. -"Celtic Knights of Canada". knightsofcanada.blogspot.com. 4 June 2012. web. 8 Oct 2012. -tumblr.com. web. 8 Oct 2012. -"The Middle Ages". mentorhigh.com. web. 8 Oct 2012. -"The Real World of Knights". thekidswindow.co.uk. web. 8 Oct 2012 -"medieval warfare" wikipedia.org. web. 8 Oct 2012.
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