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Asthma in Saudi Arabia, what do patients need?

A quantitative Questionnaire study about asthma in Saudi Arabia, conducted at Riyadh. Presented by Mada Basyouni in Sydney Gulf Conference 2012. University of Sydney.

Mada Basyouni

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Asthma in Saudi Arabia, what do patients need?

Asthma in Saudi Arabia, what do patients need? What is asthma? Asthma Breathing Exercise Asthma in Saudi Arabia, what do patients need? Asthma is a chronic disease characterised by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing Asthma control To maintain a normal life style as much as possible Asthma statistics 300 million people worldwide
10% of Australians
10.3 million people in Middle East Asthma in Saudi Arabia No official records about the prevalence
The highest prevalence in Middle East
Respiratory diseases are the 4ht cause of death What is our study about? Explore the needs and perspectives of asthma patients in Saudi Arabia
A questionnaire filled by 100 patients in the Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh Findings 57.9% visited the ER department for at least once 65% "need lots" of information about asthma 95% never attended asthma educational program or lecture None was educated how to maintain normal life style What is next? Online health education 11.4 million internet users in Saudi Arabia
77% interested in online asthma information
62% uses the internet
43% had searched for asthma related information on the web Asthma clinics Partnership between Saudi and Australian asthma-related organizations Asthma Foundation
National Asthma Council Conclusion patient role
health care provider role THANK YOU Mada Basyouni

Supervisors :
Bandana Saini, University of Sydney
Kylie Williams, University of Technology, Sydney Weak asthma knowledge
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