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Holes on Friendship

this prezi is about a book of holes and the theme is friendship

Phoebe Porter

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Holes on Friendship

Holes on Friendship By Phoebe Porter This is about a book called Holes and theme is Friendship.

This prezi is about the quotes in the book of Holes. I think these quotes mean friendship to me. Introduction The quote on friendship is "I'll try to teach you to read if you want."
This is a quote said by Stanley saying to Zero.

This quote shows friendship to me and proves friendship. This quote also shows friendship because Stanley is welling to teach Zero (Hector) how to read. Main Point The quote shows that this is friendship because Stanley is welling to teach Zero how to read even if they would get in trouble.

Teaching Zero how to read comes with an positive and an negative. The positive thing which is finding the treasure Zero reads it and they get to keep the treasure because Zero read it.

The negative thing was when the staff(Mr. Sir, the warden and the guidance person) be mean to him and say his stupid. Evidence So the quote i choose that represent friendship i think shows a lot about friendship because from just reading with each other to saving each other and basically shows just starting with small things can led to big things.

And this quote shows that friendship is important in this movie. Conclusion
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