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World War One

No description

Alina Claps

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of World War One

World War One
"The Great War"

Causes and

Countries Involved
1917: Important year
The Triple Alliance, a military alliance formed by Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary as an opposition to the Triple Entente
The Triple Entente, a military alliance in which Great Britain, France and Russia were in. The alliance was formed in 1907, when Great Britain joined in at last.
Long Term causes; long time before war.
19th century: Napoleons conquest showed people in Europe that the monarchy was not essential.
In 1890: the German Kaiser ordered the building of a large navy.
1900: The arms race between countries to see who had a vaster and better trained army.
1870: France losses Alsace-Lorraine during a war with Prussia which then belonged to Germany.
Germany was also worried about the encirclement made by France and Russia
1906: 1st Moroccan Crisis. The German kaiser gave a conference supporting Morocco's independence, he was humiliated. France also wanted to conquer Morocco.
1911: 2nd Moroccan Crisis. France took over Morocco and to avoid any more conflicts gave Germany land in central Africa.
Short Term Causes; shortly before war
1908: The Balkan crisis. Serbia showed to be the strongest country after a series of local wars. Austria-Hungary decided Serbia was a threat and it would have to be dealt with.
1914: Gavrilo Princip, Serbian, killed Franz Ferdinand Austria's archduke. Austria-Hungary blamed it on Serbia and sent a ten point ultimatum which was no responded and declared war on Serbia.
USA in Russia out
USA joins the war
Germany sank many american ships, which they suspected carried supplies to the Allies a¡killing many american civilians, for example the Lusitania.
Russia leaves the war
A revolution in Russia brought in a communist government which made peace with Germany after signing the Brest Litovsk treaty.
Peace Treaties
The Big Three
The Big three were, D.L. George (Great Britain), G. Clemenceau (France) and W. Wilson (USA)
Wrote down the Treaty of Versailles
Woodrow Wilson wrote down the 14 points to help achieve world peace in 1918 in which he proposed the set up of the League of Nations.
During War
The stalemate is term from chess which means that neither player can make a winning move, this happened during war because techniques and weapons where better situated to defend than to attack.
Plans for War
the Schlieffen plan. First attack and quickly defeat France and then attack Russia.
Her plan was to overwhelm Germany by sending troops constantly.
: She would need Germany`s help to attack Russia.
Plan 17. This plan consisted in attacking deep into Germany.
: Her plan was to fight alongside France for a short notice with the BEF soldiers.
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