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The Hunger Games

A retelling of the book The Hunger Games, for English class.

Grey Hat

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

In this post-doomsday North America, a country called Panem replaced America and it's a bit... EVIL 13 Districts that are controlled by one government,
CAPITOL Out of the 13 Districts, one rebelled against the Capitol, however lacking warfare technology caused them to be... OBLITERATED OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET. Fast Forward The Capitol made a TV show called the Hunger Games as a warning and to destroy every hope of a rebellion. THE HUNGER GAMES A last-man standing game, last person to remain alive, wins. Players consist from the ages 11-17, 2 players are presented as a tribute to the Capitol by each district, a total of 24. Players are chosen through a lottery. If someone wishes to replace one of the chosen players, although very rare due to obvious reasons, their wish will be granted. This game will broadcasted through all 12 remaining districts to pommel every rebellious instinct that the citizens contain. The game will be in a very big place. Story Katniss, the main character, is a teenager who hunts for her family. Her sister is chosen by the lottery but Katniss volunteers in her place. The second player from that district is Peeta, the baker's son. During prematch and training, Peeta announced in a press conference that he's in love with Katniss, and she thought that it was all an act to gain the favor of sponsers, so she played along. Pre-Match The Game Rules The game starts and Katniss is alone. Peeta joined the Career Tributes
- as the name suggests, they want to be tributes for the Capitol, think
of them as a gang - and after a while, the gang attacked Katniss, she
obviously survived and got weapons in the process. After that event,
she got a partner named Rue, attacked the Career Tributes food supplie,
pissed off the leader, and Rue got killed. Now, the announcer decides
to change a rule: two people can now win. So, she starts a hunt for
Peeta in order to defeat the Career Tributes leader, Cato. Her hunt pays
off; she finds Peeta injured and helps him recover. Now they must defeat
the leader, but not before getting chased by genetically mutated killing
machines, that are apparently wild dogs. They now defeat the leader, and
the rules change back to normal. As an act of rebellion, they pretend to
take posionous berries. The Capitol decides that they should just let them
win , rather than have no winners at all. They both win and The End, until I
read the next book. The End.
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