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Weta Digital

No description

Callum Giles

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Weta Digital

Weta Digital
Operating Model
Market Position
Production Procces
Spending Power
Distribution Channels
Issues of Representation
Legal/Ethical Issues
Role of Relevant Regulatory Bodies
Weta Digital is a VFX company owned by Peter Jackson that was created too produce the VFX for Heavenly Creatures it is one of a number of co-owned companies owned by Peter Jackson and is based in Wellington NZ
Weta Digital often work in conjunction with another or multiple VFX companies when working on films. As to do a whole film as one company would be very unnecessary.

They do this by outsourcing the smaller and less important effects to smaller VFX companies so that Weta themselves can focus on the larger and most complex sequences to get them just how they want them.

Weta Digital is one of the leading digital effects studios. This is due to their work on films like the LOTR franchise. Their revolutionary work on these films cemented them as one of the top studios to go to if you needed VFX done for a film.
As one of the top VFX studios there is alot of competition from other large VFX studios to get the deals with large films and or franchises.
Some examples of these competitors are shown below.
Weta Digital
The purpose of Prometheus is entertain people of a relatively mature audience with a story of mystery, suspense and action whilst exploring a premiss that has the characters questioning their creation.
Prometheus is a Sci-Fi Thriller set in the same universe as the Alien films however it is not directly linked to the films.
Prometheus is a feature length film however it also had presence online through an online marketing scheme that involved promotional videos posted on YouTube

The fact that it is a feature film means that Prometheus is very visual engaging with the viewer through different shots and techniques to keep it interesting.
Target Demographic
Prometheus has a unique futuristic style that is very stylized and minimalistic.

This is evident as early on in the film there are scenes that look non-futuristic.

Despite being produced after the Alien films and being set before, the style is very similar with the Space Jockey ship being the same style.
Prometheus is a Sci-Fi Action Thriller
set in the Alien universe 30 years before
the events of the first Alien film.
The film contains quite adult themes as there is alot of suspense throughout the film as well as brief graphic scenes of violence and surgery.

As a result of this it was given an age rating of a 15

The offical BBFC rating is as follows: Contains strong violence, gore, threat and horror
The meaning behind Prometheus as a film is somewhat unclear this has led much debate and controversy over the meaning as it has not offically been stated.
They general message however that is pressent in all versions is that prometheus explores the meaning and idea of creation. With the film saying that we were created be a higher race of beings and placed on earth. And said beings want us to go and meet them. This is basic plo anbd meaning behind the film.
The production procces for Prometheus would be much like and other feature film. With both Pre and Post-Production including all of the VFX and SPX.
In terms of the VFX the film was produced in the same way as most films are with the VFX being split up and tasked to different VFX houses one of which was WETA DIGITAL.
They all had spefic scenes and shots to produce and once they were done they where put together to form the propper scenes
Prometheus is aimed at both Male and Female consumers.

This may be due to the lead character being a female. The fact that she is female means that females can relate and feel for the character. However a female lead also appeals to males due to the sex appeal of a female lead.
The age of the target audience for prometheus is both teenagers and adults.

The main targeted audience however would be people who have seen the original Alien films.

These people could be of any age as the first Alien film was released in 1979
Prometheus's targeted lifestyle would be any lifestyle however they released promotional videos online so anyone that is online would of been targeted
Prometheus's target demographic will be people who are of a low disposable income this will be because the younger side of the demographic will be teenagers on partime jobs and still in education and the fans of the original Alien film will be 30+ most likely with kids to look after.
Prometheus was distributed by 20th Centry Fox like all of the previous Alien films
This shows that they still have a large amount of confidence in the franchise to succeed and create profit.
The fact that 20th Centry Fox was in charge of the distribution meant that it got a global cinema release meaning it was shown all over the globe.
The advertising for Prometheus was done like any other film with trailers and posters as well as TV adds and adds for the moive theaters however they also released a set of promotional videos on youtube for one of the characters.
These videos where promotional videos for an android, said android is one fo the characters in the moive. These videos are aimed spefically at the people who have a pressence online such as teenagers and young people as well as anyone who spends time online.

These short videos not specifically promote the moive instead they explore one character. This is then meant to peek your interest in said character leading them to watch the film.

These videos where produced in a way that they seem as if they were taken from the universe itself and not produced to promote the moive.
Prometheus gives off quite a strange effect while you are you are watching it it make you think about creation as well as huge questions such where do we come from.
The moive itself it very suspenseful at times as well as being action packed. This means you are on the edge of your seat the whole time. not knowing where the story will go next. Some people like is feeling some do not.
It is a film requires you to concentrate and possibly watch more than once to fully understand and enjoy.
The pace of the film also often suddenly changes meaning that the film takes twists and turns. This is most likely to keep the younger audiences interested by changing the situation often.
The film contains quite adult themes as there is alot of suspense throughout the film as well as brief graphic scenes of violence and surgery.

As a result of this it was given an age rating of a 15

The offical BBFC rating is as follows: Contains strong violence, gore, threat and horror
The BBFC is Regulatory Body that is in charge of given a film its rating to limit who can see it in the cinema. They watch an early cut of thr film and judge it on a few factors and rate it acordingly so that only the people it i suitable for can see it.
The ratings range from a U,PG,12a,15,18.
These ratings are what limit who can see the movie.
The only Legal/Ethical issues that Prometheus had/caused was through its depiction of creation this caused some backlash and controversy from multiple christian groups.

One group said the story depicted disregarded the existence of God due to the depiction of creation suggested in the movie.

However a different group say that the method of creation depicted in the movie proves that the space man theory of creation could be true.

So there are two groups both saying Prometheus means different things. Once again the true meaning behind the film has not been properly explained.

Prometheus has a few possible issues with the reprisentation it uses. For example the main character in Prometheus is female.

The possible issues with this are that females are often needlessly sexualised this can cause issues around sexisum and equaluity.

The main premise of the film is the exploration of creation. The way creation is represented in the film is seen as an issue by some people. This is due to the fact that it devates from many common explanations for creation. Even if it is a fictional film that has no round in realality people can still find the disreguard of other means of creation offensive or distastefull.

These other companies have also worked on huge films for example, Industrial Light & Magic has worked on the Star Wars films as well as the Harry Potter Franchise. DigitalDomain have produced effects for films such as the Transformers sequal and third iteration.
This can be shown by there work after The Lord Of The Rings trilogy as it is constant and of a high caliber meaning that they are trusted to provide high quality effects.
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