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women in leadership

human relations project

allison zeglis

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of women in leadership

Women in leadership
Women in leadership
climbing to the top

Although people agree that women leaders are just as effective as men leaders, the numbers show that there are fewer women in leadership positions around the world than men.
What are some of the
obstacles that
women face
as they try to
climb to the top?
But why?
According to a recent survey taken by PEW research studies, there are many reasons for the lack of women in leadership.
Because family responsibilities like child care and home care typically fall on the shoulders of a woman, there is more for her to get done in her day.
To foster women leadership, companies need to be understanding of these differences and struggles of balancing every day life with job responsibilities, such as on site day care, or flexible hours.
Even the most strong and intelligent women find it difficult to balance fulfilling personal ambitions with the needs of her family.
Balancing raising a family and running a business
Leadership style being stereotyped as too emotional or too masculine
Because women generally have a more expressive emotional style, they are sometimes perceived as too emotional. Male employers view this expressiveness as instability and as a result women are held back from leadership positions, even if they are just as qualified. (O'Neil, 2014)
Sometimes women's emotional intelligence can be seen to interfere with the capability to thoughtfully and calmly make decisions. This is simply a stereotype and should be reconsidered.
On the other hand when women are forceful and definitive they are accused as being masculine, which is a preposterous accusation. It is an unfair double standard.
Wage Gap
info from this article

Human Relations
Summer 2015
Group 5

Stephanie Long, Allison Zeglis, and Victoria Campbell
Michigan ranks 41st in the country for wage gap differences. Women only make 75.3 cents for every dollar a man makes.
For farther information regarding other states and where they rank go to:
Many companies have experienced resistance from cultures in other countries to female leadership. Some cultures will simply not deal with a woman executive because of their beliefs and perceptions that women are incapable of doing business effectively.
The Equal Pay Act requires that both men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. There needs to be more enforcement of the act to make significant strides to narrow this gap.
While the natural ability of women to adapt is higher than that of men, a seemingly large number of women have been unable to accept the culture shock and have failed in this environment.
The challenge of finding a mentor
The lack of mentoring within an organizations to be promoted effectively into leadership is a challenge. Since there tend to be few executive women; many women are unable to find access to a female mentor that is capable.
Many people prefer to have the same gender as a mentor because they tend to understand each other better and challenges that are commonly faced.
Organizations are implementing leadership development programs aimed solely at women leadership success. These programs identify barriers and obstacles and then suggest strategies for women to better prepare for when these situations arise.
Due to many companies having to relocate, many top executives have also had to move to new towns, cities and countries.
Differences in Leadership Styles
One style of leadership is not better than, or more correct than the other – they are just different. Could this innate difference in leadership style also be considered a barrier from reaching the top?
The Glass Ceiling Effect
"Glass ceiling" is a metaphor for the hard-to-see informal barriers that keep women from getting promotions, pay raises and further opportunities (Lewis, n.d.). It is an invisible upper limit in corporations and other organizations, which makes it difficult or sometimes impossible for women to rise in the ranks.
Many may argue that this does not exist and that women simply make choices to keep themselves off the executive track. Some believe that women do not have the right educational preparation to make them qualified for top positions.
Who has overcome all the obstacles and challenges to make it to the top?
Mary Barra
- CEO of General Motors in 2014. She is the first woman to head one of the big 3 automakers.
Indra Nooyi
- Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo since 2006.
Virginia Rometty
- Chairman, President and CEO of IBM since 2012. Also the first to head this company.
Marissa Mayer
- President and CEO of Yahoo!
Marillyn Hewson
- Chairman, President and CEO of Lockheed Martin. She has spent 30+ years of her career at this company.
Hilary Clinton
- Most people are familiar with the name of the former first lady but in 2000 she decided to put her own name on the ballet. She is a leading voice for women in the developing world and is a huge advocate against child abuse. After her husband was elected president she stated “you are getting two for the price of one”
Marie Currie
-She was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize and the first female Professor of General Physics in the Faculty of Sciences at the Sorbonne in Paris. She has been an inspiration to many girls and women in the science and mathematical field for years.
Sandra Day O’Connor
-After 191 years of a court system being purely male dominated Congress unanimously elected Sandra Day O’Connor as the first female judge on the Supreme Court.
Oprah Winfrey-
Being the most successful daytime host in history does not come easily. Oprah battled through a difficult childhood in Mississippi to win multiple Emmys and other major accomplishments such as a television network, a successful magazine, and multiple books. She was the powerhouse behind many huge strides in the progression of the united states social and political system such as the election of Barack Obama.
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