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Effective ways of creating

No description

Reece Jay

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Effective ways of creating

In my opinion this is the most effective way of conveying suspence and tension because certain peices of music are engerneerd with certain suspenseful moments like in Seven, all of the moments of the police running up the stairs and bursting through the is backed up by music. this music is composed around the scene and that why it is so in sync. Suspenceful films tend to use composed music because it is much easier to add to the flow of the scene like a burst of music when a point of intent comes up on the screen.
Sybolism is something that highly ties with signifying and it can be only picked up by the trained eye because it can only be subtle links like in Silence Of The Lambs. When the investergator goes into the man's house who skins the women, you see a moth on some sewing equipment and this signifys that when he kills the girls he puts a moth inside there mouths.
Mise en scene
Mise En scene can help with Suspense and Tention by dress certain people up in mystery clothing. This shown in the clothing of the Pedophile from The Lovely Bones. He just looks like a normal man but he has such a dark secret and that unsettles the audiance because he looks like an average citizen
Camera shots
The camera shots are very important in conveying suspence and tension. the main two shots in my opinion are a Pan and a Tracking shot
Effective ways of creating

By Reece Jay
This is used as a perspective shot like someone looking around an area. it can also be used as an establishing shot aswell. this is viewing of an enviroment. the suspence factor comes when it pans around Drew Barrymore's character in Scream when she is standing next to the door
A tracking shot is used to follow a main vocal point on the screen as it moves through the set.The way that is used in Seven is when Brad Pitt's character is walking into the apartment and the camera follows him. This shows that he is in a role of authority.
Silenece can be used thoughrouly throughout Horror films to create tension and suspence. It used to to make the audiance feel errie and unsettled. An example of this is in The Lovely Bones, when the sister is putting the floor board back into the floor. Thi scene is completly silent and the a rush of emotion goes past when he hears the floor board drop.
Framing is something that is used heavily in all films because directors want you to look at certain things on the screen so they will place something in a odd manor to catch the viewers eye. This can be used to create Tension by using Panning and Sybolism like in Silence Of The Lambs when she goes into the killers house she looks around and the Moth catches her eye because she knows that when the murderer kills the women he puts a moth in their mouths.
Weather in films is normaly used to portray the mood of the scene like if someone is happy, it will be sunny but if someone is sad, it will be raining. Thi is called Pathetic Fallecy. This is used most ly in horror movies becsause the weather is a perfect example of the change of pace. An example of this is Scream because you get a wide shot of the house and you see it is lightly raining and this represents the bui;lding of tension in the scene.
Pace is something that can be used very effectivly in film. Pace is the duration of the movement on the screen. It used in alot of films to create tension like if someone is being stalked , it will be slow. An example of this is The Lovely Bones. When the sister is putting the floor board back into the floor it is really slow paced and then when he realises she is upstairs, the pace changes to rage filled fast paced movements in seconds.
Darkness / silhouette / low key lighting on the villain / killer
A good example of this is in ‘Lovely Bones’ when the killer is stood at the top of the stairs. This makes him seem like a looming threat and emphasises his dark nature.

POV shots from the POV of the killer
This lets the audience know when the killer is watching and creates tension because we are waiting for the killer to strike. This is used in the opening of ‘Scream’ when the killer is watching the house and ‘Silence of The Lambs’ when the killer is wearing night vision goggles . This used slightly differently in ‘Halloween’ when Michael kills his sister. The POV shot position the audience in an uncomfortable position – as the killer when they kill.
Diegetic sound/ Non diegetic sound
Diagetic Sound
The phone ringing in ‘Scream’ symbolises danger and a persistent threat. The ringing comes to symbolise the persistence of the killer.

Non diagetic sound
Tense and fast paced – often drums. This is not used the whole way through, just in fast paced moments.

Visual symbol of rising tension
This is a technique that isnt used that much anymore but is still very effective. The most famous example is Scream. As the scene gets more tense in ‘Scream’, the popcorn rises and eventually starts smoking.
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