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Pin Now, Read Later: What Is Pinterest, and How Can I Use It In My Library?

Presented at IOLUG fall conference 2012.

Marissa Coon

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Pin Now, Read Later: What Is Pinterest, and How Can I Use It In My Library?

Pin Now, Read Later:
What Is

and How Can I Use It
In My Library? Presented by Marissa Coon,
Muncie Public Library Big Question:
Is Pinterest right for my library? Plan & Understand What exactly is Pinterest? Why do people use Pinterest? Why should I care? Build It Right Think Big: Consider Your Audience & Purpose Promote Cross promote with other social media Make it an event For more information: This presentation available online at: What you see Recent activity:
who is re-pinning
your content? stream of pins (similar to Facebook's news feed) { A pin, close-up Comments from
other users # of people who have "liked" or re-pinned this image (aka, copied to their own boards) This lists who pinned this item, and what board they pinned it to. 1. Plan & understand
2. Build it right
3. Innovative promotion
Pinterest is an image-curation site
that allows pinners to create themed
boards made up of accumulated images
and other visual media, called pins, that they can then share with others. In other words, a fancier version of this. It isn't just images--people use Pinterest to find beauty in every day life and curate inspiration
that they can
share with others. Signing up is easy-- 3rd most popular social networking site Can reach patrons who think visually rather than verbally Build "new librarian" skill set: virtual content arrangement vs. Who uses my library?
Who comes to programs?
What book/media displays are most popular?
What pages/blogs on my website have the most hits?
What are our Facebook fans like?
What retweets are most popular on our Twitter account?
Where are the messiest stacks in the library? Ask yourself:
Library technology plan
Social media plan/procedures
Mission and vision statements Avoid making an account because you think you "should". Dig Deep: What the world sees: { { Board=
of themed
pins Another board All about you Create Meaningful Content Appeal to diverse interests Think like a scrapbooker Keep your unique sense of place People come to the library for: ____________ They don't all come for the same thing, so why would we only cater to a few interests? Host a brainstorming session with involved staff
to get ideas for innovative Pinterest boards.
Get your own personal Pinterest account to keep up with what's trending.
Observe what topics patrons ask about/what
materials they check out.
Don't be afraid to experiment! :-) Food for thought Which display is more appealing? {Chicago} Great book about Chicago Great book about Chicago Great book about Chicago Great book about Chicago Great book about Chicago Great movie about Chicago Great book about Chicago Be prepared for the Windy City! {Day Trip Ideas: Chicago} Ditch GPS for a day and have fun
navigating by map. Infographic: Fun things to do
in Chicago Staff mini-review: Devil
In the White City We <3 this gem. What's your favorite
building in Chicago? Neither of these are wrong, but the one on the right:
Utilizes multiple types of information to make for a richer viewing experience
Will likely turn up in more searches (hash tags, multiple types of information)
Appeals to a broader array of interests: travelers, shoppers, architecture lovers Los Angeles Public Library San Francisco Public Library ...but dedicating content that represents who you are as a library and as a community gives your profile authenticity! Most profiles will have a board for recipes, for books,
for technology.... Cross posting on Twitter is easy. Create boards of pictures you post on Facebook. & don't forget to promote on your website! Link on the website
Make site as "pinnable" as possible by including lots of images in posts, blogs, etc
Consider advertising it in special locations throughout the website Go beyond "Follow us on Pinterest!" marketing strategies Integrate it into programming Co-ordinates physical collections with Pinterest boards Invite others to pin along with you People do not join Pinterest to be marketed to.
That doesn't mean don't promote your library,
but keep in mind:

social media is a conversation,
not a radio broadcast. :-) { } Collaborate with local organizations Photography clubs Art stores Cooking classes Local schools If you aren't able to commit to listening, responding, and updating content at least once a week, Pinterest may not be for you. . . } Pop Quiz! Marissa Coon,
Muncie Public Library
mcoon@munpl.org Infographic: fun things to do in #Chicago We <3 this gem. What's your favorite
building in #Chicago? Be prepared for the Windy City
in this coat! vs. This is a great book about Chicago. This is the movie Chicago. Try swimming to Chicago
by reading this book! & using hashtags will carry over nicely! Twitter: @muncie_library
Pinterest: muncie_library
Facebook: Muncie Public Library Sara McKinley,
Muncie Public Library
smckinley@munpl.org http://bit.ly/Poig48 also note the hashtag, which makes this pin easier to search for It is also considered good pin etiquette to include the original source of the pin--this particular pin doesn't have that, but strive to include this information as much as you can. You can do this by providing a direct link (URL) or by using the @ symbol followed by the Pinterest user's account name (Ex: @muncielibrary) { } Allows you to pin something
using a URL Allows you to upload
your own image as a new pin Allows you to create
a brand new board
(collection of pins) click for a general info page to appear Q&A Adding a Pin-it button to your browser can make pinning things easier Read these carefully
before deciding to pin { Pinterest & Copyright
Be careful of copyright infringement when using Pinterest, as its user agreements and site structure are somewhat of a gray area.
Terms of Service, 1B, says that anything that users post on Pinterest can be repinned by someone else legally--this does not apply to material you pull randomly off the internet, only to content you find on Pinterest.
Still, if you pin something that does not explicitly belong to you, there is a risk you will have to take it down.
Only you and your library can decide if the risk of copyright infringement is worth it Add your own comments. RHMS Library img1-llalt.etsystatic.com http://bourbonandpearls.tumblr.com/ webapps.cityofchicago.org By user cityshirt via zazzle.com via splitpeavintageblog.tumblr.com via http://bakingthroughmsbh.wordpress.com via photo.net image from Grey's Anatomy via Martha Stewart Living via rodinmuseum.org http://wahsegavalleyfarm.typepad.com Keep content updated Via Yang Tee Mon on Flickr interpretations-culinaries.fr via momtastic.com via mrharristweed.tumblr.com Miramax via bethhaleydesign.com
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