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Bottlenose Dolphins

This is my project for Computer Class 7!

Makaila Eickhoff

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins By: Makaila Eickhoff A Bottlenose Dolphins life cycle! A Bottlenose Dolphins Diet! Injuries or Illnesses Bottlenose Dolphins Characteristics! Senses and Communications Where are Bottlenose Dolphins found? Bottlenose Dolphins are found all over the world! They are also found in temperature and tropical areas! They are not found in polar regions but are found near and off shore! They are found in tropics not too hot and not too cold! The Bottlenose Dolphins usually live for about 50 years! Most births are between spring and autumn. The female Bottlenose Dolphins are usually pregnant for around 12 months! A Bottlenose Dolphin usually eats 15-30 pounds of food each day! Dolphins usually eat foo such as shrimp, dish, squid, smack rays, and sharks! Bottlenose Dolphins have 18-27 pairs of teeth in both jaws. Bottlenose Dolphins sometimes feed alone and sometimes feed together! Bottlenose Dolphins are well known cetaceans. They are also best known as the flipper! The Bottlenose Dolphin usually stays under water for about 10 minutes and can dive up to 150 feet! Bottlenose Dolphins Behavior! Dolphins predators will show aggressive behavior and fight among their mates! The Bottlenose Dolphins are aggressive to sharks, and they are known for their friendly character! Some dolphins can get hit by boats when they are swimming in the water. They can suffer from illnesses or diseases. Also, loud noises can harm them! Some Bottlenose Dolphins use communications such as clicks, whistles, body languages, and sound by their air packs. Bottlenose Dolphins Natural Predators! A Bottlenose Dolphins natural predator includes sharks! Some of the sharks include Bull, Dusky, and Tiger! Pictures of the Predators! Bull Sharks! Dusky Shark! Pictures of the Predators Cont. Tiger Shark! Bottlenose Dolphins Reproduction! The breeding season is usually March or April. They are usually pregnant for around 12 months! The calves usually stay close to their mother until they are 6 years old! Pictures of the Bottlenose Dolphins! Adult Bottlenose Dolphins! Adult Bottlenose Dolphins! Baby Bottlenose Dolphin! A Bottlenose Dolphins Life Cycle! The Calves are taken to shore right after they are born so they can breathe! A Bottlenose Dolphins Relatives! They are Pacific white-sided dolphins! They have tapering heads and grey-white bellies! Fun facts of a Dolphin! They have many relatives! They are usually found in groups of 12. Thank you for watching my Prezi on Bottlenose Dolphins!
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