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5th and 6th Grade Technology Applications

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Chris Cooper

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of 5th and 6th Grade Technology Applications

5th and 6th Grade Technology Applications
Why is Technology Applications beneficial at the Intermediate level?
Our students are growing up into a digital world where being fluent in the use of a wide variety of technological skills is vitally necessary. We need to be preparing students for the 21st century workforce.
What are the Technology Application TEKS?
The Technology Application TEKS are required to be taught to our 5th and 6th graders by the state of Texas. The question is: Are they being taught in our classrooms? If not, how are we going to address making certain that our students are learning these skills?
This is where Technology Applications Class comes in!
The Tech Apps TEKS are divided into units and students are afforded opportunities to dive in and develop the skills that they should be gaining in our intermediate schools. Opportunities they may not be receiving in their core classrooms alone.
I have created the following units of instruction in order to cover the majority of the Tech Apps TEKS:
Other important topics discussed throughout the course and interwoven into our units:
What else can the Tech Apps Teacher do on an Intermediate campus?
Live Video Morning Announcements
The bottom line?
There is an enormous gap between what our kids need to be equipped with when it comes to technology skills and what they are actually leaving our schools with. We need to move in the direction of offering
technology education,
not less
Our 5th and 6th graders need EXPOSURE and EXPERIENCE in how to use technology in a positive way to enhance their learning experiences.
There are 36 Tech Apps TEKS and 106 DSOs for 3rd-5th grade. There are 55 Tech Apps TEKS and 119 DSOs for 6th-8th grade. Briefly, these TEKS include these subcategories:
If a classroom teacher has his/her students complete a project integrating technology, they are likely to cover a handful of these Tech Apps TEKS, but most of these important skills are left untaught. That means we have students slipping through the cracks, not gaining the exposure and the experiences that they need with technology and that they are supposed to be getting in our schools.
So, what is the curriculum for
Tech Apps Class?
Web Literacy
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Computer Programming
Various Apps for Creating
Computer Terminology
Digital Citizenship
Impact of Technology on Society
Impact of Technology on Future Careers
Computer Terminology
(5th and 6th)
Computer Literacy
(5th and 6th)
(5th and 6th)
Ability to conduct keyword searches to acquire
information. Applying critical thinking to determine validity and usefulness. Along with a variety of other research skills. (5th and 6th grade)
Working with a variety of
software applications to create
multimedia presentations.
(5th grade and 6th grade)
Digital Citizenship and responsible
use. (5th and 6th grade)
Use of a variety of software applications
to present and publish information. (5th and 6th grade)
Use of technology to create a document, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, desktop publisher and a database. (6th grade)
Proficiency in use of input devices for
capturing sound, video, and audio. (6th grade)
Identify impact of technology on society.
(6th grade)
Identify, create, and use files in various formats. (6th grade)
Computer Literacy
The student will use multimedia presentation software to express ideas, communicate with a specific audience, enhance learning experiences, and publish media.
The student will use proper hand and body positioning and will develop touch keyboarding techniques.
The student will recognize the purpose of a Word Processor and will develop multiple skills for operating a Word Processor.
Students will use terminology related to the internet, will discuss ethical acquisition and use of digital information, will incorporate keyword search strategies, and will learn ways to keep themselves safe while online.
Microsoft PowerPoint
Students will recognize the purpose of a presentation program and will develop multiple skills for operating PowerPoint. Students will convert a slideshow into a video file.
Students will recognize the purpose of a spreadsheet program and will develop multiple skills for operating a spreadsheet program.
Students will use self-directed technology to create a product. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the use of input devices including microphone, digital camera, and a video camera. Students will demonstrate knowledge and appropriate use of the iOS operating system and applications.
Students will demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts of computer science. Students will demonstrate an understanding of core programming logic. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the use of sequencing commands, identifying patterns, repeat loops, and conditionals.
Yearbook Production and Sales
Digital Bulletin Board Content
Keeping Campus Website fresh and updated
Technology Integration Coach
Create multimedia presentations for campus needs and assemblies. (i.e. Dawgalicious, Veteran's Day, EOY slideshow)
Track the technology needs on campus and maintain inventory
Post news and updates on campus twitter and facebook accounts
iMotion HD:
Code.org and Scratch
Welcome to the Web
Students must learn how to find information online and how to examine the content, interpret a URL, and discover who published a web site.
Preparing our students to be successful in the Digital Age
Tech Apps Class provides TIME for students to get instruction in almost all of the Technology Application TEKS. Time that is just not always available in the core classrooms.
Students learn skills in Tech Apps class that they can take back to their classrooms and share with classmates AND TEACHERS!
Tech Apps class contributes to a campus culture that embraces the use of education technology. Integration of technology has grown significantly in the past few years at PHIS!
A word from a few 6th graders:
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